If you want to be kinder to the environment and yourself, get a green mattress. That means made of natural materials like cotton or wool without harmful chemicals that can cause allergic reactions–like synthetic latex in traditional mattresses containing dangerous substances like chemical fire retardants.  A green mattress is the smart choice for eco-friendly sleeping because they are 100% organic from start to finish: their fabrics come from sustainable sources too.

A mattress is something we spend a third of our life in. And with the average person now living about 20 years past retirement, that means you’re spending six months of your life lying on an unsupportive and toxic chemical-filled surface. A natural latex mattress will not only last longer than its vinyl counterparts because it’s made from sustainable materials, but also boasts better breathability so you’ll sleep more soundly as well as be exposed to less toxins while sleeping – plus have peace of mind knowing that by choosing this product over one manufactured using unsustainable resources or chemicals like PBDEs (flame retardants).

The mass-produced mattresses that are made from petrochemicals pose a big problem for our environment when it comes to disposing of them. After the life of your green mattress is done, you can recycle and turn into other products rather than being dumped in landfills or burned instead! A green mattress should also mean organic – not only does an organic bed need to be natural but grown organically as well which minimizes health risks towards makers and the planet too. Organic mattresses don’t use harmful toxins so they’re safer for both humans’ heath and earth’s ecology because we all deserve restful sleep without worry about environmental disasters later on.

The idea of a “good night’s rest” is oftentimes considered the most important aspect when it comes to deciding on what type of mattress you want. What does this mean, exactly? Well, there are several factors that come into play–such as weight transfer and material density–that will ultimately determine whether or not your sleep experience is up to par with expectations. A firmer bed generally provides more support for those who toss around during their slumber. A green mattress will be made with natural latex which is naturally firmer than a mass produced memory foam mattress. 

After researching many mattresses, we decided to try out the Snoozel Green mattress. Not only is it made from 100% organic cotton and wool without any toxic chemicals but it also carries a GOTS certification that means not just for consumers safety are met but so too are those of people who work in this field. It ensures there’s no harsh or unsafe conditions right along the supply chain as well as making sure all materials used were certified both safe and ethical by an organisation which would know best what standards should be set when manufacturing these products.