Silver Spring, MD, experiences warm weather and an average high temperature around 89 F. Extreme temperatures and humid weather can cause a strain on your plumbing system. Issues like pipe bursts and leaks are more common in summer than in winter.

Even minor plumbing leaks could escalate into significant plumbing damages if left unattended. Soft spots on your wall, reduction in water pressure, and dripping noises are common indicators of plumbing leaks.

You may consider contacting a trusted plumber Silver Spring MD, if you are dealing with plumbing leaks. Licensed plumbing experts have the required formal training and experience to identify and fix leaks.

Pipe Leaks

Slab leaks can damage your home’s foundation by weakening the structural integrity of the concrete. Clogged water lines are the most common cause of pipe leaks. Slow water flow at high pressure can cause your pipes to crack or even burst. Uneven water pressure can also cause your pipe joints to dislodge.

You may note that old, corroded, or damaged pipes are more vulnerable to leaks than high-quality pipes. Your local Silver Spring Plumber will find out the root cause of the leak and do the necessary to fix it.

Toilet Leaks

WSSC reports show that flushable wipes are the most common cause of toilet leaks and sewer overflows in Silver Spring, MD. The toilet could leak from the base if the base seal is ineffective. Defective flush valves, condensation, and loose tee bolts are other common causes of toilet leaks.

You could cause severe damage to your toilet, supply tubes, and other components by attempting to fix the leak yourself. Expert plumbers who specialize in toilet repairs can resolve the issue in no time.

So if your toilet tank takes too long to refill or you notice water leaking out of the base of your toilet, you may consider calling your plumber in Silver Spring, MD, immediately.

Main Water Line Leaks

Main water line servicing costs in Silver Spring, MD, could range anywhere between $300 and $1500 depending on the line’s condition. It is essential to call your local plumber immediately if there are leaks in your main water line.

The leak or seepage can:

  • Hinder your residential water supply
  • Cause structural damage to your property
  • Create sinkholes
  • Cause pipe dislodgement

Plumbing professionals can fix your main water line and restore your water supply.

Water Heater Leaks

Improper maintenance and inadequate servicing can cause your water heater to explode. Loose drain valves and cracks in the water heater tank are the most common causes of water heater leaks. Additionally, mineral build-ups inside the tank can cause corrosion and rust in the insides of the water heater tank.

You may also consider contacting a reliable plumbing service company immediately if your T&P valve is dripping or leaking—the T&P valve leaks when there is excessive water pressure.

Wrap Up

There are over 31,713 households in Silver Spring, MD, and plumbing leaks could afflict any home. Licensed, insured, bonded plumbers use tight sealing techniques, pipe joint tape compounds, wrap threads, and other sealants to fix the leak. Plumbers use microphones and other devices to pinpoint leaks.