Natural gas is increasingly proving to be a more affordable option for powering many of the appliances in your Alberta home. Keep reading to find out more about knowing whether you are paying what you should for the natural gas you use.

Monitor Your Incoming Bill Each Month

Two major factors on your bill will determine the amount you are paying for natural gas using our regulated services. The amount of gas used in your home is one aspect of determining your monthly bill. The rate determined for that month based on specific factors like demand, market pricing, and world events also go into creating the total amount you pay for your usage. You can easily assume when your usage has increased due to weather, your bill will reflect that by a higher amount. What you need to look for are any abnormal increases, which can signal trouble with your appliance efficiency.
Monitor Your Incoming Bill Each Month

Understand How Your Bill Is Calculated

Knowing how your bill is calculated can reveal whether you are paying more for your natural gas than you want. The amount you pay for each gigajoule measurement of natural gas will depend on the price that your provider has been able to secure for the current month of use. One gigajoule is roughly 25.5 cubic meters of natural gas, or an equivalent of 26-liters of gasoline. The GJ measurement is multiplied by the monthly secured rate, with the addition or deletion of amounts that were over-assessed or under-assessed for the previous month.

Why the Regulated Rates Fluctuate

Regulated rates are rarely the same from one month to the next. Many factors are involved in determining the actual rate we charge for the natural gas you use, although we always strive to bring you the most affordable pricing possible. The current natural gas prices in Alberta will not stay the same in periods of excessive demand, intense weather, or international incidences and wars. Even though the prices can vary month-to-month, the actual trending of the price of natural gas is downward in cost. It’s one of the most affordable energy resources for your home.

Learn to Watch the Market Forecasts

Learn to Watch the Market Forecasts
The price of energy resources on the market is a good thing to keep an eye on if you want to try and predict whether you’ll be paying more or less for natural gas. Although situations can arise that make completely accurate forecasting impossible, you can begin to notice trends in the market at times. It can give you a good idea if your bills are going to go really high as winter begins.

Contact a Billing Professional if the Amount Doesn’t Seem Right

Mistakes can be made and your bill may not reflect an accurate price for your usage. Our customer service representatives are always available to answer questions and make any necessary corrections to your bill. It’s a good idea to call if you feel something about your bill or stated usage is not right.

Contact customer service for your provider and find out more about getting regulated services for your natural gas today.