Most times, when people think of Murano glass, they assume that it is too fragile or valuable to be used in the house or for day-to-day events. However, thanks to modern designs and creative artists, Murano glass can fit well into modern homes to satisfy families seeking a touch of class and style.

Here’s how Murano glass can make your table design full of personality and style.

Transform with Murano Glass Tableware Accessories

Murano glass as a tableware accessory brings the ancient artistic technique of glass making together with modern design and technology.

When you use a Murano cocktail glass, a centerpiece, or a Murano drinking glasses, you can upgrade the design of your table and please your guests. 

Murano glass table accessories are a perfect combination of style and functionality. From Murano drinking glasses to pitchers, goblets, and plates, you can beautify your table with a Venetian glass object. 

The light reflected off the bodies of the Murano glasses and accessories can improve your neutral background and turn your dining room into an elegant setting. 

Decorative centerpieces from Murano glass

Have you ever looked at your table and felt like it’s missing something? A centerpiece is perfect to fill up that space and carry your objects while decorating your table.

They are perfect for all types of tables, including the kitchen, entrance, and coffee table.

You can find exclusive centerpieces made of Murano glass that come in several shapes, sizes, and colors. Venetian glass is a unique kind of glass that is also called blown glass. It is produced by skilled and professional artisans from the Island of Murano in Venice.

One of the most beautiful centerpieces to invest in is a decorative Venetian glass bowl that adds a touch of vibrant color to your table or room where you place it.

Murano decorative plates are also available if you’re seeking an elegant and timeless piece that you can place at any point in your home. It adds color and style and comes in an array of color and size options that you’ll find what suits you without stress.

Whether you’re looking for a Murano glass plate that will serve as an aesthetic boost to your home or for functionality, you’ll find products designed for both purposes, so you simply have to make your pick.

Beautiful Murano drinking glasses

Can you imagine a drinking glass that is so beautiful you cannot stop staring at it every time you’re drinking from it? You need a glass that beautifies and improves the style of your room by simply sitting there.

Murano Glass is a creative and beautiful piece of art that is as functional as it is decorative. Murano drinking glasses can sit prettily in your house when you need them to, but they are also designed to be used for drinking. You can wow your guests by having them drink wine from a filigrana goblet and see their reaction.

Oftentimes, the Murano drinking glass might hold more interest to you and your guests than the content, and that’s all thanks to its amazing style and design, especially if the glass is made with filigrana. You can check the amazing collection of Original Murano Glass OMG®, the world-best expert in genuine Murano Glass.