Hauling your old mattress away is going to cost you a certain amount of money and it is also not an eco-friendly option. Sometimes, people look for the option to purchase new mattresses and replace it with the old mattress, but this situation is mostly not available. If you are interested in putting a little leg work, it is not going to be extremely difficult to get rid of the mattress. Also, it is not going to affect the environment in a negative manner. The life of your mattress is going to be about 7 or 10 years, as stated by www.nestmaven.com. Most of the times, important factors like the quality and the type of mattress determine the life.

If you are looking forward to disposing of your mattress, you need to consider the tips that have been mentioned below. However, these tips depend on the time that you have as well as the disposal options that are there within your community.

Donate the old mattress

Donate the old mattress

On basis of the condition of the mattress, it is a good idea to donate it to a charity. It is definitely going to be an ideal option. Most importantly, it is going to be free and you do not have to work hard.

Breaking down the mattress

Most of the times, you are going to find a mattress, which a charity is not going to accept. The reason behind this is that it could be covered in fungus or mildew. In this case, you need to break down the mattress for disposing of it.

  • Bring your mattress outside: If you are concerned about the bedbugs, it is a good idea to allow it to sit outside for 3 or 4 days. This is going to ensure that the bedbugs are running away. You also have the option of hiring the services of the exterminators for removing the bedbugs.
  • Remove the mattress cover: Next, with the help of a knife, you need to remove the mattress cover.
  • Clean the cloth and padding: After this, you need to clean the cloth as well as padding from all the springs. Few of the high-end mattresses are responsible for having individual springs, and hence it is crucial that you get all of them together when you have removed the fabric completely.
  • Break the box spring: After the padding has been removed completely, you have to cut the frame into tiny pieces with the help of the power saw or the hand saw.

Dropping the mattress at recycling centers

It is also a good idea to drop your mattress as well as the box spring at the recycling centers, where the mattress is going to be recycled. This is going to reduce your burden of disposing of the mattress.

Hiring a service for taking the mattress away

Hiring a service for taking the mattress away

The process of mattress disposal can be extremely hectic. You can hire the services, which will charge minimum fees, and take the old mattress away. They will be responsible for taking the mattress irrespective of the condition that it is in.


The disposal of mattress does not need to be expensive or stressful. If you take care of the tips that are mentioned above, it will be easier for you to dispose of the mattresses.