Continue with the old classic windows look to enhance the posture and look of your home will seriously one of the best pick up ideas ever. In today’s post, we are here to inspire you with the use of valances and Pelmets along with the modern look and contemporary design schemes.

However, the ideas just not belong to the rooms only, here we will show you the ideas for having shower curtain rod for tile inside your bathrooms so that you can improve the variety of space and overall feature.

Make your home turn into a piece of heaven when you just drape all your windows with the luxurious look with drapes / Curtains and pelmets.

Moreover, pelmets have become the fascinating style ever that further enhance the richness inside the house and make the space more prominent in front of the guests.

That’s why, we would like to show you some ideas by which you can decorate your home just by applying a contemporary design theme with the help of pelmets, drapes, and other styles of curtains.

So, let’s move on the ideas below and reveal the best one for your home…

Amazing Ideas to Decorate Your Home:

So, there are some amazing ideas and options for you to decorate or enhance the style of your room so that people can’t stop themselves from being mesmerizing. Some of the modern plus contemporary designs ideas can be seen below to improve the space and overall look of the room.

Go with the Valances:

Go with the Valances
A kind of soft horizontal treatment will give you the entirely different look where you can see the fabric mounted at the top of your draperies. Works normally to further disguise hideous tracks, drapery headers, fittings, hardware.

And as well as rods, etc. while yet showing you with the decorative treatment. However, these valances might be coming in the look of pleated, gathered, shirred, or with flat panels, also, with occasional pleating…

So, you can try this one ahead to improve the texture of your walls. Though, these window valances would be the perfect treatment to mostly cover the uppermost part of your windows such as kitchen and bathrooms. And as well as they can easily be hung as alone or you just paired them up with window blinds or even with curtains.

Pelmets should be another option:

They have normally come with the style of firm horizontal boxlike structure, whereas, you may find the lower edge made with shaped. However, you need to mounted pelmets on the wall and of course, at the top area of your draperies/window.

This will also cover up the hardware in which the pelmets are quite come with padded design. Pelmets can easily improve the way of style and look of the room where they can also give you more space.

Although, pelmets were the most useful style for drapes/curtains in the back 90s where every other house had been covered with this contemporary design theme.

Thus, Pelmets and Valances are more likely similar to each other, and they both perform the same purpose, but the only difference is that pelmets have made of fabric.

The most famous design theme:

The most famous design theme
Wood Blinds, yes, you heard it right. We have seen these wood blinds normally in the libraries or even in a den, but whoever thought to have one of these in their own homes? Decorate your home or office windows with the style of wood blinds can seriously become the win for 2019.

The construction of these blinds made it easier for us to open and close with just one draping style.

You can also choose shutters:

You can also choose shutters
If you still can’t find the solution related to your windows decoration then probably you should visit winglives, they will show you some interesting ideas and all. Thus, shutters have more dynamic, which gives you beautiful window treatments.

Final Verdict:

To choose different drapes/curtains styles with the look of pelmets and valances. So, now just pick up the best one according to your style. And don’t forget to share your experience and ideas.