In today’s ever-expanding world, spaces are at a premium. Whether it is your home or office, having spacious surroundings is a often a luxury. And finding a place for everything in your small home is often a challenge. And when the space is small keeping it neat and tidy needs creativity and vision. But adding extra space to your property does not always mean adding square footage. You can easily create more space in your current home with some creative décor and clever storage ideas. The key here is to learn how to work with whatever space you already have. Here are a few simple tips to add extra storge to your property to make it more spacious and organized.

Convert Sheds and Garages

The best way to increase storage in your home is to utilize the spaces that are not frequently used like barns, sheds, and garages. If you have an outdoor barn or shed that is not used much, you can convert the space into a storeroom or workspace. Using old garage or shed as storage can help you organize better. Alternatively, converting an unused space into a workstation can help you add one more room to your property without increasing the square footage. You can visit professional sites like True Blue sheds for more inspiration and assistance on adding a shed to your property.

Add Vertical Storage Spaces

Another easy and simple way to increase storage in the homes is to add more vertical storage spaces. Most people often ignore the vertical spaces in a home and don’t even consider it for storage. However, adding more shelves and cabinetry vertically can help you increase your storage space exponentially. Instead of ignoring the upper walls, use them wisely by adding open shelves and hooks. This will not only increase your storage options, but it can also help you free up your floor and keep your room looking organized!

Utilize Dead Spaces Creatively

Many homes are built in such a way that they create many dead spaces that cannot be used for anything. An awkward corner or an oddly placed area can make decorating a bit tedious. Instead of ignoring this space, you can use it creatively by adding cleverly customized storage options like open shelves or hooks, etc. And if you have an unused outhouse or barn, utilizing the space creatively can give you more space. You can consult professionals like Tassie Sheds to learn more about revamping or creating new sheds in your property. 

Use Multitasking Furniture

Sometimes we may not have the option of adding more space or converting an old room to increase the storage in the home. In such cases, you can also go for multitasking furniture that doubles as a storage. Today, there are many unique and creative furniture designs that can also double as storage for simple things like books, clothes, accessories, décor items, etc. You can also customize the design of your furniture to meet your storage needs and keep your home tidy and organized.