Choosing a green home doesn’t mean you are painting your house green or even attempting to live in a glass ‘greenhouse’. In fact, a green home is one that is built with the environment in mind. This is something that housing developers are thinking about and trying to improve. However, while developers are constrained by budgets and other issues, people can choose to build their own homes. 

It starts by finding the right house and land packages, you can then apply green building concepts. These include:

Building Material

Perhaps the most obvious part of green building is the material the property is constructed from. Wood is a popular option as you can either use reclaimed wood or sustainable wood.

Reclaimed wood is effectively used wood that has been reformatted to help build your home. In contrast, sustainable wood is freshly cut but trees have been planted to replace the wood used, eliminating any damage to the environment.

Other green options include building with tyres, using hay bales, and even concrete can be a green option as the ingredients are readily available and it causes minimal environmental impact.  

Efficient Energy Systems

A green home needs to have an efficient energy system. This doesn’t mean they use less energy than a traditional home. But, it does mean the source of the energy is more carefully considered.

For example, solar panels fitted to the roof of a home will allow the property to generate its own electricity, reducing environmental impact while saving money on, energy bills. A ground source heat pump can reduce the cost of heating your home and it is even possible to add wind generators.

The more efficient the energy system the less it will cost you to run your house, making it beneficial for the environment and your wallet.

High levels of insulation

To complement the efficient energy systems you need plenty of insulation. This is what helps to keep the house warm in the winter and cool in the summer. It saves on your energy bills and reduces the impact of your home on the environment.

Air Quality

Green houses usually have systems that control the air quality inside your home. This is done via filters in air conditioners and heaters. The filters remove pollutants making the air cleaner and healthier inside your home. 

The fact that these pollutants are removed from the atmosphere at the same time certainly doesn’t hurt the planet. 

You can’t necessarily tell a green house from the way it looks. They come in all shapes and sizes, allowing you to personalize your green home. But, while their construction and appearance can vary, all green homes are created while thinking about environmental impacts and reducing any damage done to the planet.

Considering the state of the planet this may be too little too late. But, everything we can do to help the planet helps, that starts with building green homes and increasing the awareness of the issues being faced.