Over the years, there have been a plethora of trends in kitchen designs. From over-the-top patterns in the 20s, to loud color preference in the 30s and 40s, to more cheerful hues in the 50s through the 70s. Then there were the subtle color choices in the 80s, a bit more country style of kitchen in the 90s, and more extravagant looks in the 2000s.

A constant here is that with every decade there seems to be a change in the taste of kitchen designs. Now it is 2020, and there are a lot of exciting trends this year.

Dark is the New Cool

While a lot of individuals still prefer white over any other color in the kitchen, designers are gradually beginning to kiss that trend goodbye.

A lot of attention is now on dark hues. Blue, green and even black are gradually becoming the preferred color choice for cabinets, tabletops, and stools.

What’s a Kitchen without Good Storage?

What’s a Kitchen without Good Storage

This one has to be the most amazing trend in 2020. Yes, while design, aesthetics, and colors are an important part in kitchen design, what good are those designs if you cannot adequately store your items?

Many homes now have a more structured kitchen storage than before, with cabinets and pull-out pantries. These areas are being installed by talented kitchens fitters as they allow for massive storage and help prevent the kitchen from appearing too bulky.

Pop Me Some Color!

Nothing screams cool better than having a pop of color here and there in your kitchen. Instead of the plain old white, black, or peaceful colors, homeowners are embracing the trend of colorful kitchens.

One example is a bold green color as the backsplash. Or even a yellow stool and a bold window treatment.

Smart World, Smart Kitchen

Smart World, Smart Kitchen

Think of how amazing it would be to wake up in the morning and talk to your coffee pot by simply saying, “Alexa, brew me some coffee”, and the connected machine makes you a fresh pot. Impossible? Apparently not.

Apps and voice assistants can now control almost everything you do and the kitchen is not left out of the mix. You’d be amazed at what a smart kitchen can offer homes. No wonder it is gradually becoming the preferred choice.


While a lamp doesn’t necessarily help you cook meals, it does give the kitchen a truly beautiful look. Trending now are beautiful lamps, placed in strategic places around the kitchen to be aesthetically pleasing.

Paper It Up

What is the one thing that is great for adding texture and color in your kitchen? Wallpaper!

At first, people were a bit skeptical about using wallpaper in the kitchens, as it seemed an outdated choice. But trends come back, and this one is a great example. It can be a pretty amazing design choice.

Statement Floors

Statement Floors

From handmade tiles to wooden floors, terracotta, or cement, available in various colors, the kitchen floor is no longer as boring as it was decades ago. People are now going for floor choices that complete a room well.

Final Words on Kitchen Trends

The kitchen is more than just a place where you cook and store up dirty dishes. If you are going to spend any time in it at all, you might as well design it to your taste. Following the trends or not, your kitchen is an important part of the house so it deserves to look great in addition to being functional.