Do you fancy a dark kitchen? This is a subjective question that can be answered well if you have the facts about dark kitchens.

Dark cabinets are what define dark kitchens. Therefore, we’ll explore black kitchen cabinets and see how feasible they can be in your kitchen. We’ll also share some ideas to improve the appearance of your kitchen if you have dark cabinets in your kitchen.

Why dark kitchen cabinets are great?

Creates an instant statement 

If you are the kind of person that always looks for ways of creating an instant statement in your house, then installing black kitchen cabinets will be a great idea. Anyone stepping into a dark kitchen will always be impressed by the bold nature of the kitchen owner.

Available in a variety of colors

There is always an assumption that black is just a single color. However, there is variation in dark colors that you can have in your kitchen. They range from solid black to glowing black depending on what you prefer in your kitchen.

Easy to maintain 

Maintaining a kitchen can be somewhat hard if you have bright-colored cabinetry. This is because you have to keep on cleaning them to remove the visible stains. However, dark cabinetry is easy to maintain because they don’t show dirt easily.

Valuable tips to improve the appearance

Use the following tips to help you improve the appearance of your dark kitchen.

Buy quality materials 

You need high-quality materials that will help you bring out the best look of your kitchen. This tip is not limited to dark cabinetry but to any type of cabinet you install. 

Schedule cleaning

Stains are less visible in black kitchen cabinets. This means that you need to schedule routine cleaning to help you reduce the chances of stains sticking to your cabinetry.

Add more lighting 

You need more light in the kitchen to compensate for the darkness created by the black cabinets. There are many ways of adding more light to the kitchen. The most inexpensive is to install light fixtures like under-cabinetry LED lights. If you have an open budget, you can consider other lighting options like chandeliers.

Adding more light will not only improve the aesthetics but also make the kitchen more functional.


There is nothing strange when installing black kitchen cabinets in your home. You can create a perfect kitchen with dark cabinetry. However, you need guidance to get it right.