If you’re thinking about downsizing or want to move into a new home where yard work is included, then you should check out a condominium. Condominiums are a great way to live next to all the best restaurants, bars, and attractions, and these days condos are getting more stylish and luxurious than ever.

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Don’t settle for just any condominium. Find the perfect one for you. This article will provide 7 tips for finding the perfect condominium for you.

1. Location, Location, Location

When you’re buying a condo, it’s all about location! First, narrow down your search by deciding which area you want to live in. This will save a lot of time instead of looking at whatever condos are on the market.

Your perfect condo should be close to your favorite grocery store, dry cleaners, coffee shop, shopping, and restaurants and bars that you frequent. You will thank yourself later when you are all moved into your new home and you don’t have to run across town to drop off the dry cleaning.

Take a look at the condominium property brochures or browse more listings around the area, but to get a real feel for the place be sure to visit the property. Search now to find the right one for you.

2. Pay Attention to the Types of Condominium Units

These days there are many different types of condominium units available to rent or purchase. From senior condo communities to quality, luxurious residences, you’ll find many different types of condominium communities on the market.

High-rise condominiums are upscale and sleek and available in most major cities. You can also find high-rise condos along the beach or shore. These are perfect homes for younger singles or people who work in the city.

A low-rise condominium offers a more community feel. These condos are perfect for a young family with kids or seniors who don’t want to do loads of walking to get to their residence.

Choosing the right type of condominium unit can help you have the best experience in your new home. Pay close attention to the community and look for resident reviews online.

3. If You Want a Luxury Condo Be Prepared to Pay

Many luxury condos these days come with everything you could possibly want in a new home. You can really have it all for a price.

Some condos have tennis courts, sand volleyball courts, or basketball courts. Many also have a premium gym and fitness facilities that could rival the gym up the street.

Most condos have a pool, but luxury condos come equipped with multiple pools, lap pools or even Olympic size or resort-styled pools.

There are gas outdoor grills and picnic areas, fountains, ponds, and even lakes where you can host friends and family for an outdoor bar-b-que.

But with all these extras, the price of your condominium fees and the price of the condo go up. So consider the amenities you would need or want and stick to a condo that features those amenities to help keep the price down on luxury condominiums.

This is a perfect segway to our next point: price.

4. Look at Condos in Your Price Range

There are so many beautiful condos that you can look at and if you do you will spend quite a lot of time looking at condos. A much better method is to first determine your price range and then only look at condos that fall into that range.

Condominiums can be expensive depending on the style, amenities, location, and a number of bedrooms you are looking for. Also consider any additional costs you might incur like parking fees, taxes, insurance, maintenance, and things like that.

Once you settle on a budget you feel comfortable with, make sure you stick to condos that fall inside that range.

5. Use the Internet to Help You Search

The internet is a great resource when you are looking to buy or rent a condo. You can look at condos in your city or the city you intend to purchase without even leaving your home!

Talk to real estate agents online and ask about any new listing they may have that they haven’t posted online yet. This can be a great way to snag up the perfect condominium before it is seen by a lot of people.

You can even filter your search to look for the exact part of town, the number of bedrooms, or amenities you are looking for in your ideal condo. But be warned, looking for condos on the internet can become an addiction, so limit the amount of time you spend to avoid killing too much time.

6. Visit the Condominium Show Room

After you’ve narrowed it down to a few properties or building you like, you can visit the property and ask to take a look at the showroom. A showroom is a model of what the actual condominium unit will look like and it is a great way to help picture the space in person.

Feel free to take a tape measurer and make measurements so you can be sure all of your larger furnishings will fit just right.

Take pictures as you walk through the showroom so you can remember the details later on. It can get difficult to remember which property had the black granite countertops and which one had the grey granite. When you take pictures you will have all the details to look back at later when you are deciding.

7. Make Sure You Can See Yourself Living There

Chances are if you can’t see yourself living at the property you are looking at you probably won’t like living there. Your perfect condo should match your taste, style, and feel like home from the very beginning.

If you get a negative vibe from a condo community just move on to the next community.

Your Dream Condo Awaits

Now that you have our best tips for choosing the perfect condominium it’s time to get shopping. Follow these seven tips to find your dream condominium and remember it is okay to be picky.

Now that you know how to find the perfect condo, read our latest home decorating blogs to learn more about the latest styles in home decor.