A kitchen has always been the center of the house. Besides cooking, it is also the place where families bond over food and share a common connection of love and compassion. Therefore, it’s important to customize this lovely section as per the needs of the family and aesthetic requirements.

Here is a list of five ideas curated to upgrade your cooking experience.

Island kitchen

This one is a little heavy to the pocket but a lifetime investment which is completely worth it. The kitchen island is the platform installed in the center of the kitchen to work, cook, decorate, or have a seating arrangement for people to chit-chat while doing the chores.

Few things to consider before finalizing an island top for your kitchen are the size of the kitchen, color tone, material of the island, kitchen ergonomics, and arrangement of cabinets with storage spaces. Complimentary chairs add to the contemporary vibe of the kitchen island.

Open kitchen

In the current times, open kitchens may be the norm, but it is important to appreciate the enormous amount of variations that are available with this layout.

The basic motive of such a plan is to structure a seamless connection between the cooking and the living area, easing communication between people. 

Some of the additions to the existing open kitchen ideas include splashy and vintage tones with multiple color palettes and an industrial assortment with a french tinge. An attached dining place and numerous secret storage spaces reinforce the absolute look.

Parallel kitchen

A subset of galley kitchens, parallel kitchens are perfect for narrow areas and large families. This kind of design allows space utilization to the maximum in an economical manner. 

The two cabinets are placed parallel to each other, facilitating multiple people to work in a commonplace without interruptions.

The cabinets can be arranged systematically with a refrigerator at one end and a dishwashing area at the other. The one-wall kitchen idea is nearly the same while excluding the other working platform.

U and L- shaped kitchen

The U- shaped kitchen is a versatile three-walled plan which accommodates the triangular kitchen format along with its spacious and open arrangement. When designed with precise details, it offers numerous methods of centralizing the dining area as an adjunct to the cooking platform. 

The designer should not structure the three walls in a cluttered way to make the working person feel claustrophobic. Ensure that the consecutive shelves in the upper area are set in alternate patterns, and appliance boards are near the window panes.

The corner kitchen format of L-shaped design deploys two perpendicular walls to set up the conjoint working space and sink. It enables the easy accessibility of ingredients and supplies during the cooking process, thus fulfilling the ergonomic needs of the chef. 

Peninsula kitchen

This format is like a mix of U and L-shaped kitchens where the work platform is placed in the center and attached to one wall. Thus, giving it a peninsular look with access from three sides. 

It is a perfect layout for people who want to socialize while cooking and maintain a limited boundary between the kitchen and the living area.