It is one of the most daunting renovation areas that you can undertake. A bathroom renovation is compiled of so many elements it can be difficult to know where to begin. The two things that you should of course begin with are the floors and the colour of the walls.

The materials are also important, although your flooring is limited in a bathroom setting to things which are waterproof, such as tiles and laminate floors. The main options that are put forth for bathroom renovations are engineered hardwood, luxury vinyl, ceramic or porcelain tiles and natural stone tiles.

Each of these provide their own pros and cons and give the room a different style and design depending on your personal tastes. They must be highly durable as well as waterproof to survive in such an environment. Being faced with dirty kids, wet dogs and all kinds of problems, the bathroom is one of the hardiest rooms in the home. This is why your choice of flooring is so important.

Bathroom Renovation1

Engineered hardwood is a fast growing popular choice among modern bathroom renovations. It has plenty of pros associated with its design and can make for an elegant style for your bathroom renovations. It is made from real wood, not just a wood finish, and can withstand both heat and moisture to a high degree.

The only downfall is that hardwood is only water resistant, not waterproof which can pose a challenge in a bathroom setting. It can be installed over an existing floor and comes in a variety of options so that you can tailor your floor to the style and design of your new bathroom. If the rest of your home exhibits hardwood flooring then it can be a good option to pose continuity throughout the home, but the fact that it is not waterproof makes it a less than desirable option if you do not use this type of flooring anywhere else. It is also quite expensive in comparison to other flooring, such as tiles, which is a downside when a serious leak can cause the floorboards to be damaged beyond repair.

Luxury vinyl comes in both waterproof and water resistant options. This makes it a great choice for your new bathroom, as vinyl can be produced in a range of colours and patterns to suit your needs so it is very versatile. It can give the looks of higher end products without the extravagant price tag and it feels good underfoot. In a bathroom you would rarely be wearing shoes so this is certainly a bonus! It can be installed over your existing floor, but be wary that it can end up looking cheap if not installed correctly. You should find a professional that you trust to take on this job so that you end up with a great looking floor for your new bathroom.

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Ceramic and porcelain tiles are a classic and timeless option which come in a variety of colours, shapes and styles. Their versatility gives them an edge on more set flooring such as engineered hardwood. They are very easy to maintain and clean which is a great option for a bathroom and they are stain resistant, waterproof and durable. All of these aspects are important when choosing your bathroom flooring during a renovation. All in all they are one of the most affordable and durable options, but they lack the warmth of some other flooring options and can be difficult to install.

Natural stone tiles are a newer style and have been seen in many modern bathrooms over the years. They come in a range of textures, with natural colourings. They are extremely durable but do require a higher level of maintenance as opposed to their porcelain and ceramic counterparts. They will need regular cleaning and can be quite expensive too.

When choosing your bathroom flooring the main point that you should consider is what are the attributes that you hold in high regard? Is money no object? Do you want a specific look? Are you after something that is durable and easy to clean? Once you establish what your priorities are then you can investigate your options and decide what is best for you and your family.

Choosing something that is water resistant at the very least and can also withstand humidity is the first point of call. From here you can look into style and design and how you wish to decorate your new bathroom once everything is completed. You should also keep in mind your budget as this is an important point when conducting any renovations.