Dogs are the most loyal friend. So, you are required to take care of your credible pet. Dogs, just like you need to be groomed as much as you can.

Buying various stuff for dog’s grooming is becoming a trend, as people have realized the importance of having a pet at their house, you will need to buy the best tools, I have been learning a lot from have a look at the list of the best hair trimmers for dogs by, you may find one for your dog.

Your dog might follow your instructions but like every other creature it will not like you touching or trimming her hairs or nails. According to various vets dn researchers’ dogs are very picky when it come sot self-grooming.

Before we start let me discuss why you will need to groom your dog at home. There are several reasons, but the major ones are quite obvious.

It can happen when you do not have any trusted dog dresser around you, secondly, you may not be able to afford one, if you have got two to three dogs at your house.

Another reason is the health condition of your dog, if you dog is suffering with some disease then you need to keep it at home.

For giving a makeover treat to your dog, you will have to create a certain level of trust with her, otherwise she will not be ready to become a lady.

You can start by making it realize that home grooming is going to be ritual, start with the nails, plan the grooming into parts. You are not supposed to do it all in a single day. That will be awful for you and it can ultimately disturb your relationship with your dog.

Owner of Norwich town pet resort have reportedly said that, your attitude while grooming your dog matters a lot, she will understand if you are nervous or bold. So be very careful and stay calm even if your dog resist.

When you have planned to give a home grooming session to your dog, make sure that you are well prepared you can not just use nay equipment for your dog. Be particular about it.

  • You will need a comb or some brushes.
  • Scissors and blades make sure that you have got a variety of blades with you.
  • Get a grooming table, with arms to secure your dog in it.
  • Clippers make sure that they are of high quality.
  • Styptic powder, if in case your dog’s nail start bleeding after trimming.

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Start with bathing and brushing

Start with bathing and brushing
Before you take your dog for a bath, make sure that you have brushed her coat with mild silicon brush. This will help you in cleaning her in the tub.

According to some vets, brushing your dog is an alternative for bathing, for instance if you are brushing your dog thrice a week, then you only need to bath her twice a month.

In winters, brushing is the best option, while you take your dog for brushing, take a small brush and use it for your hairs, make sure that your pet is watching you.

Doing this activity will boost your pet’s confidence in brushes, do not underestimate her intelligence, just like you and your children dogs are also very smart.

Cutting hairs

Always use professional and reliable trimmers. You are supposed to stay very calm while trimming your dog’s fur, she may resist but have some reward to keep her busy.

Dog’s hair does not need to be wet for cutting, dry hairs are the most suitable ones.

Try to use the tips of sharp shears, for cutting the hairs at the face and feet. This will reduce the risk of cutting your dog, even if she moves.

Trimming your dog’s nails

Trimming your dog’s nails
Keeping dog calm is the hardest thing, before clipping her nails, try to make her familiar with the sound of the clipper.

Otherwise, she will resist and will try to look at the tool when you will cut her nails. Thus, for avoiding such situations make sure that your dog is familiar with the tools and their use.