Hey, everyone! Hands up if you’d love to get a good night’s sleep for a change! Having a suitable mattress is very important. But having the right mattress cover (pad or topper) seems to be a best-kept secret when it comes to restful slumber.

We’re here to change that, though. We’ve looked high and low to find the five most comfortable mattress pads around to recommend to you.

So stay tuned as we list our choices and explain our reasons for choosing them!

Five of the Most Comfortable Mattress Pads

Five of the Most Comfortable Mattress Pads
Our method here has been to review other reviews of mattress pads from four different categories and then select what we consider the best overall mattress pad.

The Best Cooling Mattress Pad

We like the natural cooling capabilities of bamboo. Bamboo wicks away water and has antibacterial properties. We ‘re going with TheSpruce.com’s recommendation of ExceptionalSheets Bamboo Mattress Pad.

The Best Heated Mattress Pad

Never fans of electric blankets, we’re reluctant to recommend anything that heats a bed with electricity. We prefer down comforters.

However, several lists name the Sunbeam All-Season Premium Queen Heated Mattress Pad. We especially appreciate its 100% cotton top and separate heating zones.

The Best Waterproof Mattress Pad

Given what we stated above about the water-resistance and absorbency of bamboo, we’d like to name the Milky Sheets Bamboo Jacquard Waterproof Mattress Protector as our pick for this category.

The Best Pillow Top Mattress Pad

It seems the main point of buying a pillow top mattress pad is to turn an ordinary (i.e., “plain top”) mattress into a pillow top mattress. So the best pillow top mattress pad would be one that makes an ordinary mattress feel softer.
The Best Pillow Top Mattress Pad
This is what the Parachute Down Mattress Topper does, and so this is our pick here. It’s a genuine European-style feather bed and we believe there’s nothing like down for sleeping comfort.

The Best Mattress Pad of All

Short-term rental experts Scooch and Steve provide some very helpful guidelines for choosing the best mattress pads.

They say that “Whatever the reason for the underlying mattress being not comfortable enough, the pad can fix the underlying mattress’s flaws to some extent.”

They also say you should look for the following qualities in a mattress cover:

  • The covering should have a high thread count for durability. This also helps if your mattress cover has feathers.
  • It should be machine washable.

Besides these things, they recommend selecting the material and covering type that best meet your needs.

New York magazine recommends the Denali Home Collection Lambswool Mattress Pad. And reading about it makes us want to sleep on it right now!

Would you believe a lambswool mattress pad could be machine washable and dryable? Plus, it helps retain the right body temperature for sleeping.

Needless to say, lambswool is a natural fiber. And so this is our top pick.

Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams
Thinking about all these mattress pads has made us very sleepy, so it’s time to wrap up this article. Ahh… let’s wrap it up in down or lamb’s wool. OK?

We hope you’ve gotten some helpful ideas for your next mattress covering purchase. We sure have!

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