The roof is an integral part of the house that protects your interiors from weather conditions and aesthetics. Once it survives the test of time, it may start having issues that require to be fixed, or you might have to replace the whole top. A roofing project is not cheap, so you should plan well before bringing the entire roof down. When you call your best roofing company, you will ask for an estimate to know how much you will pay and where the money goes. Here are the essential things that the contractor includes in the estimate.

Company Detail and Project Timeline

When writing the estimate, the contractor must include details of their company and the project’s timeline. There should be contact details like email and phone numbers. The professionals must outline an estimate of the start and end of a project depending on what you want to be done to the roof. Payment terms will also be in the estimate. Use this information to ask any related questions you may have.

Cost of Items

The professionals will also spell out the work to be done along with its cost. Knowing where every coin goes will prevent surprises and disagreements later. Furthermore, the estimate will help you compare bids. The list of the items and their cost includes materials, labor, permits, cleaning, removal of debris, and unexpected costs. Instead of looking at the cost only, check how this cost is associated with the item it represents. The contractor will list where every penny will go and add up the total.

Proof of License

States and countries have different requirements regarding building licenses and permits. Insurance also comes differently. If you get a contractor without insurance or a license, you are putting yourself and your house at significant risk. Not only that unlicensed and uninsured roofing companies do shoddy work, but you also risk liability. Therefore, ensure the contractor has verified their license and insurance in the estimate.

Information On Roofing Components

The professional should also note down the condition of your roof, its components, and what needs to be done. Roofs have different components; some are harder and more expensive to fix than others. Therefore, the estimate should include these components and others like capping and waterproofing. The components include ventilation, flashing, shingles, underlayment, and more.


Warranties are vital elements that should not miss in the estimate. If the contractor does not offer warranties for their work and materials, there is a high chance that they don’t do a good job or are even qualified. Contractors who are proud of their work and believe in their quality offer warranties to back them up. Therefore, warranties should be listed in the estimate.

Means of Exit

It is also essential to ensure the estimate comes with means of exit. This is a defined clause of termination that you use before the end of the contract if you are not happy with the contractor’s work.


If you want the roof fixed or replaced, you must ask for estimates from several contractors. These estimates will help you choose the most suitable company for you. Review the roofing estimate from several companies and ensure these elements are included before you sign the contract.