The arrival of springs means saying farewell to the cold and hello to warmer weather. This makes it an opportune time to fix up your home and get it ready for the brighter months ahead. If you’re keen to renovate your home after the long, dark days of winter, below are some ideas to get you started. 

Attic Conversion

Springtime is associated with longer days, so what better way to let the sun in than to go for an attic conversion? Whether it’s converting the space into an extra bedroom, an entertainment place, or a home office, an attic can be a fantastic way to welcome the brighter months. The other benefit of an attic is that it can add around 12% more value to your property. This makes an attic conversion a worthy investment, especially if you’re planning to sell up down the line.

Driveway Repaving 

While this is a slightly less common renovation, it can be an important one. The winter months wreak havoc on a driveway, especially if you live in a region that receives a fair amount of snow. Depending on the type of driveway you have, this project may require some hefty machinery that can level out and remove the existing asphalt. Therefore, if you decide to repave the driveway, make sure you’re prepared for the expense and time involved to get it back in shape.


Extensions are another fantastic spring renovation as it allows you to expand your home and potentially get rid of old clutter. Home extensions are also great ways to increase space and maximize the amount of light. Some of the more common extensions include conservatories, bathrooms, or extra dining or kitchen spaces. 

Adding functional areas to these rooms means you can expand the space, improve its overall feel, and increase capacity for entertaining, etc. If you decide on an extension, you’ll need to budget for new furniture, appliances, light fixtures, etc. 

Deck Renovation 

Springtime also spells warmer weather. Why not welcome that warmth by removing or updating your deck? Spring is an opportune time for this because it means you can prepare for summer by making your deck fully functional for parties, barbecues, and lounging in the sun. 

Whether it’s re-sanding and varnishing the wood or building an extension, renovating the deck is a fun project to undertake. To finish off the renovation, you may even want to pick up patio furniture from Forshaw so that your outdoor space is ready to use as soon as summer hits.

Window Replacement

Like the driveway, your windows can also take a beating from snow, rain, or wind during the colder months. If your windows are looking tired or you noticed they were drafty in the winter, now is a great time to replace them.

To get the most out of your window replacement, it’s a good idea to invest in ones that are secure and sound-proof. Not only do you want them to be insulated, but you’ll also want them to be strong. Alternatively, if you’re interested in upgrading the window space and maximizing light, you could make the window openings larger. Whatever you decide, window replacements make a fantastic springtime renovation.