No, any industry is experiencing quick changes as the IT industry. Every new day comes with new inventions. So for a better professional in the IT industry, you should remain updated with every new technology to keep you suitable for changing things.

If you have obtained a CCNP certification, it is good, but it is not valid for a lifetime. It comes with an expiry date, and after the expiry date, it is not suitable to use, and you will need to recertify the CCNP certificate. You will get all detail here of why and how you should recertify your CCNP certificate.

Why CCNP certificate has an expiry date?

Cisco claims that every new day, we see something new due to constant technology evolving. So one should remain up to date with each recent change, so your certification has an expiry date of mostly 3 years. When you appear for the new exam, you become updated with changing technology.

How can you recertify CCNP certification?

  • Obtain passing score for professional exam concentration
  • You will need to pass the fundamental technology exam
  • Also, pass the written exam at the expert level
  • Must pass the expert level practical test

You can choose between exam and continuing education; you can earn 30 credits to meet any condition as explained above to recertify the CCNP certification. You can take help from SPOTO CCNP recertification to get timely recertification to keep you updated with the evolving technological needs.

Helpful Tips for CCNP recertification

  • You need to recertify your CCNP before the expiry of your certificate. 
  • Never forget to recertify at the required time.
  • Reminders for recertification are sent to you at 90 days, 60 days, and 30 days before expiry.
  • Always keep your email up to date to do not miss the notification
  • Email always sends on the email address that you have provided on your profile
  • Before appearing in the recertification exam, never forget to read the 5-day exam retake policy
  • Get your preparation from a reliable platform such as the SPOTO CCNO recertification facility

What are CCNP recertification requirements?

There are two options for you to recertify the CCNP certification. The first one is to appear for an exam to recertify your CCNP certification before the expiry date. But the second option is that you should take something new and involve in CE credits.

You will need to appear for 200-301 code exams, but you can also choose 200-901 DEVASC and other options to choose. You can pass any of them to recertify your CCNP certification.

In the second option, you can pass technical core exams such as Data center, security, service provider, enterprise, and collaboration. To know more about recertification of CCNP certification, moved here.


After certification of the CCNP exam, you will need to appear for the recertification to update your skills and knowledge. SPOTO CCNP recertification is the best facility for you to choose for recertification. To get you to register here if your certificate is near to expire.