Every hotel needs a good deal of furniture. When most people consider what kinds of pieces a hotel might buy, they think of beds, nightstands, dressers, and indoor chairs, but in fact, many hotels also have extensive outdoor furniture requirements. Whether it’s for a pool deck or a patio, hotel managers can read on to find out how to gauge the quality of hotel patio furniture before making their next purchases.

A Reputable Company

Finding the right outdoor furnishings for a hotel starts with choosing a reputable company like procurehospitality.com. Look for a company that specializes exclusively in manufacturing and selling hotel furniture. Only experienced industry experts know what it takes to craft beautiful, durable, and versatile outdoor furniture on the kind of scale required by hotel owners.

Choice of Materials

The first thing hotel managers should consider is what types of materials were used in the furniture’s construction. The best materials for outdoor hotel furniture are weather-resistant, durable, easy to clean, and aesthetically appealing. Good options include aluminum, stainless steel, marine-grade polymers, and poly-fiber fabric.

Wicker and treated wood are both common materials found in outdoor furniture, but they’re not the best options for hotels. They aren’t as durable and tend to look worn after just a short period left outside. To get a similar look, seek out plastic polymers and synthetic resins designed to mimic the appearance of these traditional materials without creating unnecessary hassles for the cleaning staff.

Guest Comfort

Outdoor furniture has a reputation for being uncomfortable, but it shouldn’t. These days, modern materials such as poly-fiber coated foam and virgin or recycled marine-grade polymers can provide comfort as well as durability and style. Choose padded furniture at appropriate heights for outdoor bars and patios, sturdy benches to place outside entryways, and mesh fabric or double-wrapped straps for lounge chairs and other poolside furnishings.

Durability of Materials

Some of the materials used to construct outdoor furniture weather quickly or begin to fade almost immediately. Cheap vinyl resin products are a good example, as they tend to crack and yellow upon exposure to UV light. Sturdier polymers are a better option for upscale hotel furnishings since they won’t discolor and are reinforced to prevent cracking and other weather-related damage.

Color Options

Every hotel needs a brand. Whether it reflects a national chain or one independently owned location, that brand helps to define the hotel in the minds of guests. Finding outdoor furniture that matches the brand’s colors, style, and overall values is very important, as consistency is the key to ensuring brand recognition.

While color choices are obviously somewhat subjective and vary based on the hotel and its manager’s preferences, the availability of different options is an objective fact. Look for outdoor furniture lines that offer a maximum range of color choices along with plenty of stylistic options. These lines are designed to be versatile and complement any hotel’s brand and exterior decor.

Ease of Cleaning

Even the highest-quality outdoor furniture can collect dirt and dust after spending a long time out on the patio or pool deck. Cleaning personnel should be able to remove any dirt, dust, stains, and other imperfections effectively and efficiently without damaging the materials. Coated metals, recycled plastic polymers, and other high-quality outdoor furniture materials are always better options than wicker or painted wood when it comes to resisting stains and making life easier for the cleaning staff.