Everyone wants to sleep better. Sleep is necessary to live healthily. It can make a difference in your mentality. To sleep deeply, it’s essential to clean the mattress. A dirty mattress will not only ruin night sleep but will also damage skin allergies. Most of the people do not clean their mattresses regularly, which is not good for health. That’s why you should clear the bed to improve sleep.

If you are not experienced with the cleaning, cleaning a mattress can be a little bit difficult for you. At this point, you can make the cleaning process more manageable with a quality mattress steam cleaner. There are a lot of steamers in the market which are cost and user friendly. You can clean your mattress with the steam cleaner to get rid of sweat, urine, and dirt. In this article, you will get everything you need to know about steam cleaning a mattress.

How to Steam Clean a Mattress?

How to Steam Clean a Mattress

There are several ways that can be applied to clean a mattress, but it would be best if you clean with a steamer. It’s a simple and effective way to get rid of dirt and other harmful germs. With this handy tool, you can clean the pillow as well. In the section below, I have added step by step to clean a mattress with a steam cleaner.

Remove Dirt

Before starting the cleaning process, first of all, you have to remove dirt from the mattress. It will make cleaning easy and quickest. You can remove dirt with a duster or other removers, but It takes a lot of time to finish. If you have pets or kids, it’s important to rub deeply to remove hair before starting cleaning. To make the mattress ready for start cleaning, it would be best if you use a vacuum cleaner. Using a vacuum cleaner, you can quickly get rid of dirt and hair, which is impossible to clean with the steam cleaner.

Prepare the Steam Cleaner

After removing dirt, now time to prepare the machine. First of all, you need to fill the container of the steam cleaner with cold water. Don’t use any chemical when you are cleaning a mattress. It will be harmful to the soft cloth and taking a breath as well. After that plug the cleaner and heat the water until reached enough temperature. The temperature may vary with the mattress. You can discuss with the manufacturer if you want to know exactly. On average, you have to set up the steam cleaner more than 180-degree temperature to clean effectively.

Start Steaming

Now you are ready to start the cleaning process. Start cleaning from the top of the side. Push the machine gently and move forward slowly. This way, you have to clean the entire mattress. It’s important to clean each side property because it collects dust.

Dry The Mattress

Dry The Mattress

After finishing cleaning, you have to wait until the mattress is completely dried. You can use a fan to dry out quickly. Never use the mattress without drying; otherwise, it will be worse instead of better.

The Benefits of Steam Cleaning a Mattress

There are many benefits of the steam cleaning mattress. If you clean the mattress, it will be long lasting. The following are some of the common benefits.

Removal of sweat stains

If there are many stains visible on your mattress, it is important to clean them. The stains can be removed easily with the steam clean.

Get rid of urine stains

If you have a baby or pets, a steam cleaner can be used to clean their urine from the mattress.

Disinfects a mattress

Clean up your mattress regularly with a steam cleaner to keep it disinfected. It’s easy to clean the mattress with this tool.

Gets rid of bad odors

Unless you clean the mattresses for a long time, it will become smelly, which is really annoying. So steam cleaner is an option to get rid of all odors.


It is important to clean your mattress regularly to keep it clean and tidy at all times. As a result, it will last a long time and look very bright.