When you want to create a bathroom space you will love, there are many factors to consider — such as layout, fixtures, finishes, decor and organization, for a start. That said, as any interior designer would tell you, it is often the finishing touches that make the greatest impact on a space. With that in mind, here is one you do not want to neglect: plants.

In the bathroom — as much as anywhere in a home — plants are a wonderful feature. Why? Adding living things to a space not only beautifies and completes it, but it also helps purify the air. There are plants that absorb chemicals and even fecal matter from the atmosphere — creating a fresher, cleaner, more enjoyable environment. Who wouldn’t want that?

At the same time, in the typically humid environment of a bathroom, not all plants will thrive. That’s why it’s important to select the right varieties that can handle low light, high moisture and changing temperatures.

5 Bathroom-Friendly Plants


Here are a few examples that are a great fit:

  1. Spider plants: How could you say no to a plant that can eliminate close to 90% of the toxins in a room? Spider plants do just that, taking care of dust, mold and chemicals in the bathroom air. Even better, spider plants are low-maintenance and hard to kill. If you don’t have a green thumb, this variety is an ideal option.
  2. Orchids: Elegant flowering plants, orchids naturally prefer damp, humid environments such as the bathroom. They also do well in indirect sunlight, so they are perfect for setting by frosted glass windows by the shower or near the open window close to the vanity.
  3. Begonias: Another floral option is the begonia — an attractive, colorful plant that can flourish in fluorescent lighting. If your bathroom does not get much daylight, this plant could be a good choice.
  4. Eucalyptus: Eucalyptus offers a refreshing aroma that opens nasal passages and encourages better breathing. On top of these respiratory benefits, it naturally kills germs in the air — making for a cleaner, healthier bathroom space.
  5. Philodendrons: Place a philodendron near the shower, and watch its leaves turn shiny as they absorb steam. Even better, philodendrons are good at removing toxins such as formaldehyde and carbon monoxide from the air. To help them stay healthy, keep them somewhere with light shade, although they can acclimate to direct sunlight in certain conditions.

The bottom line with plants is that the bathroom can be a great place for them to thrive, as long as they are the type that tolerate humid, low-light environments.

To learn more about which varieties are a smart choice for this part of a home, be sure to look at the complementary resource. In it, you will find 10 varieties worth choosing, including some of the ones listed above, featured in a visually friendly, easy-to-follow format. Get inspired with simple ways to rejuvenate the bathroom with plants and enjoy the numerous benefits.

Author bio: Erica Garland is Content Marketing Manager at Modern Bathroom and has 15-plus years of experience in the bathroom renovation industry. Modern Bathroom sells a variety of products you would need for any bathroom renovation project. With such a large selection of vanities, faucets, sinks, toilets and showers, Modern Bathroom is sure to have the perfect piece to give your bathroom an updated look.