Selecting the best padlock for a storage unit is very important because we keep our assets in the storage unit. Normally, storage Unit service provider locks your storage unit by their own lock. On the hand, some storage Unit service provider asks you to lock your locker by your own lock. Additionally, if you have a self-storage Unit you need to buy your lock. So, you need to buy a perfect storage unit lock that can secure your storage Unit from any kinds of theft. Now, we are giving some idea about some of the best padlock for storage unit lock.

The padlock is the most convenient lock for the storage unit. There are some reasons why padlock is the best types of lock for the storage unit. Firstly, Padlock is difficult to cut by the bolt cutters. Secondly, if the padlock is made from stainless steel or molybdenum then it will be hard enough to protect any kind of lock cutting attack. Some types of padlock made from brass, boron also works well against theft attack. We are highly recommending you to buy stainless steel or molybdenum padlock. Thirdly, if the padlock is a disk padlock, you can easily hide your shackle from the eye of the thieves. Fourthly, to increase the protection and security level some padlock is come up with a combination mechanism which increases a specialty of this lock. Finally, it is corrosion resistance.

The padlock is two types

01. Open shackle
02. Closed shackle

On the other hand, we can found different types of a padlock at present days. There are a few examples I have shown below:

01. Normal Padlock

Normal Padlock
The normal padlock has no special mechanism. It can be made by brass, boron, stainless steel or molybdenum. You will get keys and a lock here.

02. Disk Padlock

Now a day’s most selling padlock is disk padlock because it can hide the shackle and its body is made from hardened solid stainless steel body. ABUS 20/70 Diskus Padlock is the best-selling padlock in the market.

03. Combination padlock

Combination padlock
It is also a popular form of a padlock. IT has a solid steel body with a combination mechanism. You can find some Combination padlock has over 10000+ combination options. This feature makes this padlock more secure than another normal padlock.

04. Shrouded Padlock

It has no specialty from other types of a padlock but it has a Shrouded design with stainless steel shackle and solid steel body. “Stanley Hardware” is the biggest manufacturer of this Shrouded Padlock

05. Bluetooth and biometric padlock

Bluetooth and the biometric padlock have some special features. Firstly, it has a solid steel body. Secondly, it has a biometric feature. Some biometric padlock can save more than15 different fingerprint. Finally, it has a researchable battery to unlock this by using a fingerprint mechanism.

06. Long shackle padlock

IT is one types of open shackle padlock. It offers long and open shackle but this shackle is corrosion and cut resistant.