Moving a car is not an easy task especially when you have to move at a long distance. The task is not just difficult but as well as it takes away a huge part of your income. Therefore many people have a question that how much does it cost to ship a car? Here you will get the answer to this very important question that almost all in need of car shipping services have in their mind. However, the cost to ship a car depends upon the trailer that you choose to ship your car.

Do your homework before choosing the best car shipping company out of the heap

If you want to have your luxury car with you whenever you are away from your home then hiring car shipping services is an ideal option for you. Research on the internet to find out the best company that offers quality shipping services at affordable rates, check reviews offered by the people online and read them. If their clients seem to be satisfied with their services then higher are the chances that you will get the quality services from them.

Have a look at these a few factors that can affect the car shipping cost-

Distance: Distance is the most important factor that you have to consider while calculating the shipping cost. If you are not going too far then the cost will be less. The farther the miles you are going the higher will be the price. Therefore the shipping cost directly depends upon the miles because higher the miles, more fuel will be used to transport your car.

Vehicle make and model: Usually, all car shipping service companies will ask you about the details of the car. The larger the car, the higher the weight on the carrier, therefore, higher will be the cost.

Pick up location and delivery location: Pick up location in an urban area would cost lesser as compared to the rural area, because in an urban area, there are a number of trailers are available to ship your car. Pickup and delivery locations in the rural area take more fuel and time, therefore, the overall quote for car shipping increased.

Vehicle condition: If your car is not in working condition then it takes higher cost as compared to the car that is in working condition.

Transport type: The cost to transport your car directly depends upon the trailer or carrier you choose. If you choose an open trailer then it will cost lesser while on the other hand, if you choose an enclosed trailer that offers more security to your car then it will cost you higher.

Timing: During peak periods, you have to pay higher as compared to others. So, plan your shipping early enough to get a great deal.

If you want to ship your car in summers then it will cost you lesser as compared to winters, because in winters, snow and icing make transportation difficult. While in some states, you have to pay the higher shipping cost in summer season because of the peak season.

Shipping options: Shipping options can also determine the shipping cost. There are a lot of options to choose from to ship your car. Your chosen transport option will affect your shipping cost.


Have a look at different available options to ship your car:

  • Terminal to terminal

In this option, the company will pick up and drop off your car at the nearest store location. Your carrier will take it from that storage location and will deliver to the destination’s storage location. Then from that location, you can pick it up and drive to your new location.

  • Door to door

If you can’t take up the hassle of picking up and dropping off at the storage location then you have to choose a door to door option. Door to door option is more convenient as compare to the terminal to terminal option. It costs you higher than that of the terminal to terminal option.

Vehicle fleets

If you are in need to ship a fleet of vehicles then it will cost you lesser. It is the case of large organizations and large businesses. It is recommended you to ask for a discount to your company beforehand if you want to transport cars in bulk.

Can I get a unique quote?

It is quite wondering to know that you will get different shipping quotes from different car shipping companies. The cost of the car shipping company varied as per the quality of the service they provide. But it does not mean that choosing a low-cost company will deliver the lowest quality service. It also depends on other factors. The cost also depends upon the quality of transport equipment that the company has, the reputation of the company and the experience of the driver. Considering all these factors will help you in knowing the cost of shipping your car.