You need a mirror for your home and while it may sound easy to simply head to the store and pick one, there are nuances to choosing the right kind of mirror that will suit your living space.

People don’t realise that there are many options when choosing the right mirror for their homes. It’s only when they check online or go to the store that the possibilities are almost endless. Luxe Mirrors gives you the ultimate guide for finding the perfect mirror for your home.

Which space or room should the mirror go?

This is an important question to ask yourself to help you decide which mirror will go best to a specific room since some mirrors were designed to be functional rather than decorative. For example, a bathroom mirror wouldn’t look good in a living room.

Living room

Mirrors in a living room are created to look pleasing to the eye and match with your interior design and overall theme. When your living room has a fireplace, it is ideal to place the mirror on its mantle as it will be the room’s main focal point whenever you enter the room.

The mirror itself doesn’t have to be functional (although sneaking a peek at how you look wouldn’t hurt) but in the living room it should be treated like a piece of art that should be admired. If you don’t have a fireplace, place the mirror on a wall central to the room or in a place where it is beside or above the lounge area. To draw attention to another part of the room, choose a statement piece or two mirrors and hang it above a console or buffet table. This will add some style and flair to your living room.

Dining room

Ever noticed why mirrors are placed in dining rooms? While it may be pleasing to the eye, it also helps make the room seem bigger than it is. Dining rooms, especially in apartments and smaller homes, are usually attached to the kitchen. This gives the dining room a narrow space and more often than not there is no division of space. The mirror will help make the dining room look bigger by adding light, space, and dimension.


Practicality is your main aim when choosing a mirror for your bedroom. After all, you’ll be using this for dressing up, putting make-up, and such. However, design doesn’t have to be compromised when choosing a mirror for your bedroom. You may choose a full length mirror to help you decide which outfit is the best for you or add some Hollywood glamour to your vanity dresser by using light bulbs around the mirror. This will draw attention to your vanity space where you can proudly display your make-up, perfume, and other accessories.


Mirrors in the bathroom are usually situated above the sink but you will soon find that there are many choices to choose from. There are electric mirrors with built-in lights, smart mirrors that have screens, mirrors that double as cabinets, and mirrors that have demister pads to prevent it from fogging up. Because mirrors are essential in any bathroom, make sure to choose one that adds aesthetic value.

Foyer or entryway

Your entryway is your guest’s “first impression” of the inside of your home. Make it memorable by using a mirror situated above a console table. It will lend a much-needed welcoming touch to guests. It is also the perfect place for a quick check of how you look before you head out the door.

Tips to Choose the Right Mirror Type and Size

Now that you have a general idea of how you can accurately use mirrors in your home, here are some tips to help you decide a mirror that will go with your decorations and interior design.

Simple Designs for Modern Interiors

If you have a home that has a modern, minimalist design, go for frameless mirrors that will blend in. Opt to get a large oval or round mirror or two square shaped frameless mirrors and situate them in a place where you want to draw people’s attention to. For a minimalist, less is always more.

Add Depth with a Bevelled Edge Mirror

Bevelled edge mirrors work best for a room that already has elements that stand out. To make the mirror look like a central piece rather than have it be absorbed by its surroundings, bevelled edge mirrors add just the right amount of design to an already attractive room.

A Statement Piece for a Focal Point

Mirrors aren’t just functional, but can also be treated as pieces of art when you are going for one that will act as a focal point in a room. The choices of a mirror’s design are wide and can range from wood frames, metal frames, bevelled edge, to simply frameless. Go for a design that you will relate to and you know will go well with your interior.

Go big

For homes that have the space to do so, choose a large mirror to frame the room and centralise a space that you want to draw attention to. A large mirror doesn’t just act as a focal point but will also help make the room feel larger than it is. When it is situated across a large window, the mirror can help reflect natural light and make it look more like a home.

Multiple mirrors work as decors

Why stop at one when you can use several? Decorate a bare wall with several mirrors and make a pattern of your own. You can go for mirrors with the same size and design or you can make it edgy and choose those that have different shapes. No matter your aesthetic, several mirrors will definitely add a wow factor to your home.

Small mirrors for small spaces

Just like how large mirrors are better suited for large spaces, generally speaking small rooms need small mirrors. Adding a large mirror to a small room will dwarf its surroundings.

Is it safe to buy mirrors online?

As with any online purchase, some transactions can be risky if you don’t buy from a reputable source. Always go for a retailer such as Luxe Mirrors that have clients who can vouch for its products and customer service. They say you get what you pay for and it’s not far from the truth when you buy mirrors online in Australia.