Do you have a new ceramic cooktop in your kitchen? Or do you want to know how to choose cookware for ceramic cooktop? If your answer is yes, please stay tuned with me and read this article carefully.

No one can deny that ceramic cooktop offers smooth and ultra-modern look for any kitchen. This state of the art kitchen appliance hides those ugly, old-fashioned coils heating element and provide the best aesthetical and functionality your kitchen need. If you want to make your ceramic cooktop last longer, you need to take care of your ceramic cooktop properly. However, no matter how sturdy and strong your ceramic cooktop may seem, it can be scratch and break over time. Therefore, to prevent your cooktop from scratched and cracked, you need to choose your cookware set wisely.

Ceramic Vs Glass Cooktop

Flat-top cook stove comes to the market with various brand names. There is a bit misconception here. Most flat-top cookstoves are made from hard and strong material to provide a high level of durability it needs. The material used for flat-top cook stove is a glass-ceramic blend. You rarely find flat cooktop made of all glass or all ceramic. Your flat-top cook stove has some quality of glass and some qualities of ceramic.
Ceramic Vs Glass Cooktop
The glass-ceramic cooktop is very strong. It can handle extreme heat change without cracking or breaking. However, you cannot drop the hard object on it as it will break easily. You will scratch your cook top if let a granule objects siding between the pan and the stovetop.

How to Choose the Best Cookware for Ceramic Cooktop?

We have mentioned earlier that to make your ceramic cooktop last longer, you need to use the right cookware. To find the best cookware for ceramic cooktop you may need to consider the following aspects.
Unlike conventional stove, ceramic cooktop has is a perfectly flat surface. This kind of stove will only provide heat to the surface of the pots and of the pan that has direct contact with the stove. So, if you have old fashion and warped cookware, you need to go to the store and buy proper pot and pan that suitable for your new flat ceramic cooktop.

Oversize cookware should be avoided. The electric burner zone burner will not able to heath too large cookware evenly. As a result, your food will not be cooked properly. The size of your pots and pans should not exceed the one-inch rule. The diameter of your pots and pans can be one inch larger or smaller than your burner zone.

Best Types of Cookware for Ceramic Cooktop

Best Types of Cookware for Ceramic Cooktop
Aluminium Cookware: There is no doubt that aluminium cookware is strong, lightweight, and inexpensive compared to other cooking material. Therefore, most people have different types of aluminium cookware in their kitchen. In the modern world, most aluminium cookware is made from anodized aluminium. This is a chemical process that will make aluminium cookware harder, stronger and more durable. For the best anodized aluminimum cookware, as well as other cookware sets for induction cooktop, you can check out this list from HomeDesignX. Many experts believe that anodized aluminium cookware can be used with ceramic cook top safely.

Lined Cooper Cookware: Unlike aluminium cookware, copper cookware is more expensive. Cooper cookware can disperse heat quick and evenly. This means that your copper cookware will heat and cool down quickly. However, bare copper cookware is not recommended as it will react with your food easily.

Modern copper cookware is coated with tin stainless steel or silver to prevent direct contact with your food. However, copper cookware is malleable and can warp easily. Warping cookware does fit well with flat-ceramic cooktop.

Titanium Cookware: If you are looking for the best cookware material, titanium is the right answer. Titanium cookware is lightweight, non-allergic, nonreactive, nonporous and strong. It is also scratch resistant and doesn’t warp or dense. Therefore, you can use titanium cookware in any types of stove including your ceramic cooktop. However, titanium cookware is far more expensive than any other cookware available. If you are on a tight budget, you need to save more to buy titanium cookware.

Stainless Steel Cookware: There is no doubt that stainless steel cookware is one of the most popular cookware available. Stainless steel cookware offers many benefits such as lightweight, hard and strong, shine and easy to clean. This particular cookware also doesn’t react with alkaline and acidic food. Moreover. Stainless steel doesn’t corrode like iron cast or other metals.

When it comes for the best cookware material, stainless steel is always on the list of the top. Having said that, just like any other types of cookware, stainless steel cookware has some drawbacks that you need to know. Stainless steel cookware has poor heat conductivity and distribution. This is true especially if you compare to other cookware material, let say aluminium and copper. To solve this issue, cookware manufactures placing aluminium and copper core in the bottom of the cookware. Stainless steel cookware offers many benefits that make this particular cookware the best cookware for ceramic cook top, especially when considering the flat and smooth surface of stainless steel pots and pans commonly have.

Material to Avoid

Material to Avoid
Many experts believe that enamel, porcelain, stoneware, ceramic and glass are not suitable for the ceramic cook top.

We all know that enamel and porcelain cookware offers excellent performance. However, when you boiled your pans and pots to dry, you can notice that enamel can melt on the ceramic cook top and fuse to the ceramic surface.

When it comes for cookware material, glass is not on the list of recommendation. Glass has very poor heat conductivity and distribution. Glass tends to have rounder and rough bottom make them not suitable for flat ceramic cooktop. Stoneware is no different, they have rough and rounder bottom. Therefore, stoneware is not recommended for flat ceramic cooktop.

The ceramic cook top is the art of kitchen appliance that will make your kitchen more beautiful and elegant. However, ceramic cook top tends to scratch and break. To make your ceramic cook top stay beautiful for longer, you have to find the best cookware for ceramic cooktop you need.