Many people have a hard time picking the right size bedspread. Some people prefer smaller spreads on their queen-sized beds while others want to cover up as much space as possible. It can be difficult to find the perfect size bedspread that is just right for you, but not too big or small!

Nowadays, mattresses come in a variety of heights, and divans frequently have drawers, making them wider. Because the bedspread sizes vary by model and brand, you should know how to choose the right size bedspread before picking the perfect one. So, let’s see.

Bedspreads, like clothing and shoes, come in a wide range of sizes and alternatives. Finding the appropriate dimensions can be difficult because each bedding store is distinctive and even has its size chart. In today’s article, let us look over all of the items as well as the process of choosing the right size bedspread.

1. Convenient measurements of king-size

A king-size bedspread is 76 cm wide and 80 cm long. As a result, any comforter, bedspread, or blanket acquired to cover the bed should be a few inches wider and bigger. The convenient size of the king varies from one brand to another. In addition, no accurate measurement is regarded as regular. The width of many king comforters is 96 inches. However, the average length varies from 106 to 110 cm.

2. Queen-size bedspread dimension

As previously stated, some companies will identify their bedspread as “full/queen.” These bedspreads have a width of 81 to 88 inches and a length of 86 to 100 inches, which is a large range that might cause sizing concerns. These bedspreads may be too lengthy for a full-size bed and fall on the ground. However, wait, there’s more!

If you have a queen-size bed, a bedspread labeled “full/queen” may not even be large enough to reach the mattress’s edges. Others with full mattresses should use a bedspread, which is between 81 and 84 inches wide. Those who have queen beds may opt for one that is between 86 and 88 inches wide.

3. Differences Between King and Queen Bedspreads

Though a king-size bedspread could fit beautifully on a queen-size bed, the reverse is not always the same. The disparity between a queen and a king comforter might be substantial. Meanwhile, the width of queen-size covers ranges from 92 to 96 inches, whereas the length is from 96 to 110 inches.

To look at it another way, some queen-size covers are nearly similar to king-size comforters, while others are either narrower or smaller. In addition, a king-size bed requires a cover that is at least 96 inches wide and 106 inches long. Internet-based bedding stores provide a bedspread size chart that illustrates numerous dimensions in inches, making it simple to contrast duvet by type or design.

In certain circumstances, in-store packing may additionally provide a size chart listing all sizes available for that specific bedspread type.

4. Consider the thickness of the mattress.

The thickness of your mattress may also play a significant role in getting the perfect bedspread. Moreover, conventional or vintage mattresses are typically 9 to 12 inches, making them compatible with most conventional bedspread sizes.

Adding a cushion top or another comfort layer, on the other hand, can extend the thickness of your bed by 15 to 20 inches. If your mattress is thicker than average, you will need a wider comforter. However, if your mattress is between 6 and 8 inches thick, you should pick a bedspread on the narrower end of the width scale to avoid the covering from touching the floor.

5. The California King Bedspread

The bedspread length is highly relevant unless your mattress is a California king rather than a normal king size. The dimensions of a California king mattress are 72 inches broad by 84 inches long. As a result, it is 4 inches shorter and 4 inches wider than a standard king mattress.

Therefore, any king-size bedspread will fit a California king, although the length can be a challenge. Select the covers designed exclusively for a California king bed or a king-size bedspread that is about 110 inches in length. Anything significantly narrower may appear short on the bed. It becomes visible while resting under the blankets.


The appropriate bedspread rehashes your bed visibly more attractive and relaxing for you. If your bedspread is too narrow for your mattress, you will not have enough coverage while sleeping.

As a result, the bedspread and you are in a tug-of-war. Therefore, you should know how to choose the right size bedspread for your mattress by following the given procedures indicated above.