Today’s the day for decluttering. It’s time to clean up the house and to restore some order. But the thought that it’s going to take an entire day is daunting. Well, cleaning can be easy and quick if you follow the right steps to help organize your mess in an instant. You have to be smart about how you clean and you can get the job done in less than half a day! Read on to find out how you can learn to clean and organize your home efficiently for your next spring cleaning day!

Be organized and use a system

Cleaning agencies and maid service owners are all speed-cleaning experts. But how do they do it? Turns out, the key lies in having a system to cut your cleaning time in half. What this means is that you should follow an order whenever you clean up your place— start from one room and moving on to another, and remember to finish cleaning the same spot in an area. This helps to ensure that you do not waste time cleaning up places that you have already covered and saves time since you do not need to go back and forth between places. In other words, a system helps you to stay organized and to be consistent with cleaning so that it becomes a routine every time. Whenever you clean up, you get faster and better at it since you follow the routine instead of hurrying your way through.

Stick to a direction

Stick to a direction

When you clean, you should always stick to a direction. The best way to do it is to clean from top to bottom, left to right. Many people clean their living rooms in a disorganized manner, starting from the coffee table, then cleaning the blinds. But the dust from the blinds ends up on the newly cleaned coffee table and you have to clean it again. Therefore, when you follow the direction of top to bottom and left to right, you can save time and effort since you don’t have to repeat the cleaning routine and ensure that you cover the entire area.

Have the correct tools ready next to you

When you clean your house, it is essential that you have the correct cleaning tools and products right next to you so that whenever you need them, all you gotta do is to reach out your arm. This helps save time from walking from one place to another to take the tools and products that you need. You can use an apron that has many pockets, or even a tool belt to keep these cleaning essentials close to you. We also recommend having a trusty vacuum cleaner which will save you tons of cleaning time; preferably one from that will help you a lot! Another trick is to keep cleaning supplies like detergent and sprays into smaller containers and spray bottles that you can bring along with you as you clean the place. Since these are easy to carry around, they are easier to organize and help you save time from moving around.

Cleaning your microwave

Most microwaves end up looking dirty and messy on the inside especially if you have not cleaned them in days. Instead of spending time and energy scrubbing the insides of the microwave, put a cup of water into the microwave and heat it up till it boils. The moisture from the water makes it much easier to remove anything on the walls of the microwave. All you need to do now is to take a wet cloth and wipe the dirty areas and you are done!

The magic of dusting

The magic of dusting

Instead of spraying water onto dusty areas, cleaning experts have recommended using feather dusters to do the job. Feather dusters are great for cleaning areas like blinds, picture frames, small nooks, cracks and other dusty areas that are hard to reach. It is important to purchase a high-quality feather duster as their feathers do not fall out of their handles easily and are able to tackle dust efficiently.

You can keep the dusters in your pocket or apron, and use them whenever you need to clean a dusty area. However, for areas that have heavy buildup or have been left untouched for long periods of time, you’ll still need to use a vacuum cleaner or cloth. Afterward, you can use the feather duster for routine cleaning once in a while to help keep the area clean.

Getting rid of bathroom mold

A lot of bathrooms end up being moldy and not well-ventilated due to water that remains on the walls after showering. To remove mold quickly and effectively, you can use hydrogen peroxide. Keep them in spray bottles and spray them onto the target areas, leaving it on for three to five minutes before wiping them away. To prevent the mold from reoccurring, remember to use fans to keep the bathroom well-ventilated when you shower and keep the doors open once you are done so that water doesn’t stay on the walls and shower door.

Use lemons

We often use lemon in our cooking but did you know that they are great for cleaning too? Lemons work wonders to help remove rust stains on all types of surfaces like floors, driveways and patios. Instead of using acid, you can use lemons as their juice can also dissolve the rust. All you need to do is to cut the lemon, squeeze the juice onto the stained area and leave it on for at least ten minutes. For stubborn stains, you need to use a hard bristle brush and scrub the area to get the rust off. Once it’s gone, rinse the area with some water to remove the gunk and lemon juice.


Cleaning can be really simple, quick and fuss-free if you follow the correct steps and use some time-saving methods! Instead of battling with stubborn stains and dusty areas, use some simple tricks and clean your house with less effort and time. Most importantly, you need to be organized and keep to the same routine every time so that you keep your cleaning organized and systematic. With these tips and tricks, cleaning is no longer a chore and can be done easily in half a day!