Choosing a garage door to install is not as easy as it seems. Before shopping online or visiting your local hardware store, there are several factors you need to consider including budget, garage function, and size. If your home has a front-facing attached garage, your garage door will be the first thing people will notice upon entering your property. So, make sure to also look at aesthetics when selecting the style or color of your garage door. Moreover, it is equally important to find a design that perfectly blends with your house exterior.

Learn more about the ideal types of garage doors to install. See the list below:

Wood garage doors


Wood material never fails to provide an elegant and timeless beauty whether installed in your home interior or exterior. Durable wood doors are made from mahogany, cedar, or redwood and range from mid-price to very expensive. They can also be locally customized to whatever size you need.

However, there are also downsides to choosing a wood garage door. To maintain its beauty, painting, and staining is required every few years. If you live in an area where snowfall and rain are frequent, this type of garage door is not ideal to install, since wood warps and expands when exposed to moisture.

Wood composite garage doors

Do you prefer the rich look of a wood garage door but can’t simply afford to buy one yet? Don’t despair; there is a much cheaper alternative for you. Opting for a wood composite garage door can give you the similar appearance of pure wood. Although it doesn’t have the sample level of detail and beauty compared to pure wood, its price will work for you.

Wood composite garage doors are also known to be energy-efficient. Built with polystyrene insulation, it can help prevent cooled or heated air from escaping through the door.

Steel garage doors


In case you don’t want a high maintenance door, a steel garage door is a perfect choice for you. Steel doesn’t warp or rot when exposed to moisture and can stand well against little hail and basketball bumps. If you are trying to provide better protection for your cars and other garage items, a steel door is ideal to install. It is highly durable and energy-efficient, thus helping you save money on electric bills.

This type of garage door also offers many customization options, such as panels and window inserts.

Glass garage doors


If you prefer a unique and modern home exterior appearance, put on some glass doors, and you’ll never go wrong. This can be a great option if you are using your garage as an additional living space since glass makes a room look and feel bigger.

Compared to other door types, a glass garage door is a less popular choice. One reason is that you can’t enjoy privacy in your own home since people can see you from outside. If you want to improve security, you can choose other durable and hard-wearing door types to install.

Fiberglass garage doors

The primary benefit of installing a fiberglass garage door is light and quiet operation. Its light weight makes it easier and quicker to open and close. Like steel, fiberglass also stands well against moisture.

The only downside of opting for a fiberglass door is it’s poor in insulation. The outside temperature can creep through the material, making your interior less comfortable all year round. It is also known to get brittle during cold winters.

Aluminum garage doors


An aluminum door is highly recommended for its low-cost and durability. Like fiberglass, aluminum is also light weight, making it an ideal material option if you’re looking for an extra-wide double door. You can also find sturdy versions of aluminum garage doors—rugged and rust-proof—but for a higher price.

Although an aluminum garage door offers a lot of benefits, it also has its fair share of disadvantages. It is quick to absorb heat, making it hot to touch during the summer season. It also dents much easier than other door types.

Regardless of the garage door type you choose to install, only proper maintenance will ensure its beauty and functionality over the years. Consult with Garage Door Repair Calgary for your regular garage door tune-up needs in the Calgary area.