The green color in the interior evokes images of hills and meadows, soft forest mosses, tree crowns reflected in river water, and the first spring greenery. The green color was included in all major paint and lacquer firms’ fashion palettes in 2022, expressing modern man’s desire to develop a fleeting link with nature. Tones such as fresh grassy, dusty gray-green, deep pine, warm olive, and cool mint are popular. Together with the essay writer service we will tell you how to combine green color with other colors in your interior.

Green + “Very Peri”

The Pantone Color Institute chose “Very Peri,” a color inspired by the vivid colors of the evergreen periwinkle shrub, as the primary color of 2022, bypassing the green trend.

Green can be paired with not only the trendy “Very Peri,” but also another purple, mauve, and lilac shade. If the dominant pairing is “green + purple,” the other tones in the space should be neutral.

Green + sky blue

The color green in the interior gives us a sense of security, charges us with optimism, and appeals: “Calm, only calm!”. The same anti-stress effect in interiors can be found in the light blue sky shades, which are also among the favorites of the paint brands. Dulux chose “Bright Skies” as color 2022, while Tikkurila last year chose “Cumulus”.

This color tandem has a positive effect on the psyche, reminding of clear sunny days and walks in nature.

Green + yellow

Since we’re talking about the sun, let’s think about optimistic yellow hues. They entered (or rather returned) to interior fashion during the pandemic, which forced many of us to take a new look at living space, causing a desire to see more positive and anti-stress colors in it. 

Yellow in this pair can be not only accent color, and green not only the background: they can become equal contrast partners due to the ability to balance each other.

Green + pink

The pink palette is rich in shades: from delicate nudes to flashy fuchsia. All of them are friends with blue-green, mint tones and a dusty shade of sage.

Green + red

The color red is known for its stimulating effects. It is frequently refused access to interiors due to its active life stance. And in vain. It is critical to use the correct dosage. Juicy red highlights on a relaxing green background will brighten the area without taxing the mind. Shades of red that are muted, as if whitewashed, can even claim to be the background color.

When choosing this color pair, the main thing is not to turn the room into a set for a Christmas Hollywood movie. The combination of coral-red and blue-green, which will bring to mind the sea theme, will help to avoid such associations.

Green + white

The purity of white and the freshness of green make up an invigorating color tandem, which can be organically complemented by brass and wood accents.

Green + neutral shades

Shades of the plant world are easy to make friends with neutral gray and beige tones, as well as with all types of wood. Without a contrasting opponent, green in the interior looks absolutely serene.