We spend about a third of our life in bed so if you are trying to adopt an organic lifestyle, getting organic in the bedroom is crucially important. Here is a brief review of the top cooling sheet products and other organic steps you can take to create a healthier lifestyle.

Change your Mattress

Many of us sleep on mattresses which are old and after time they can lose their support and become tired and saggy. According to the mattress industry you should change your mattress every eight years, advice that most of us ignore.
Change your Mattress
An old mattress is home to literally millions of dust mites and is usually sprayed with fire retardant chemicals or may be constructed from plastic based chemicals such as foam which does nothing for your comfort of for the planet.

If you are looking to change your mattress into something more organic and comfortable you have a wide choice available. You can also find mattresses that can provide you with luxurious bedtime experience without breaking the bank. You may check out the comparison review of Saatva mattresses at CreditDonkey and discover the best piece that will complete your dream bedroom. A good quality organic mattress will be constructed from pesticide free sustainable cotton and wool which provides comfort as well as safety.

Natural latex is also a good choice for mattresses as this material is affordable and unless you are sensitive can provide a great alternative. Choose a brand that is certified as containing at least 90% natural latex so it is as chemical free as possible.

Buy an Organic Mattress Topper

If you don’t want the expense of buying a whole new mattress, an organic mattress topper offers a good alternative. A mattress topper sits on your existing mattress so you get the benefits of having natural materials close to your skin at far less cost.
An organic mattress topper can be constructed from natural organic cotton / wool blend or from natural latex so will suit you if your skin is sensitive to chemicals or dust mites.
Buy an Organic Mattress Topper

Try Organic Sheets

If you are a hot or cold sleeper type person, organic sheets will make you feel more comfortable. Made from natural materials such as organic cotton or organic bamboo, sateen or linen they are breathable so will not make you sweat as with polyester/cotton or nylon derived blends.

The weave count is important here. The looser the weave, the higher the breathability but you also want the sheet to keep you warm in cold weather and to feel luxurious and comfortable as well. As a general rule of thumb a weave count of around 300 is best.

A review of the top cooling sheet products found a wide range of prices and designs. The best priced organic sheets are those derived from organic cotton or bamboo with linen positioned at the pricier end of the market.

Organic Pillows

Organic pillows can be made from a variety of materials including latex, cotton and Kapok – a natural seed pod that is very similar to cotton.

Buckwheat is very effective especially if you are a hot sleeper because the hulls of the seed pods allow the air to circulate and the pillow to conform to the shape of your head making it extremely comfortable.

You can also find organic pillows in wool or made from feathers originating from organically reared poultry such as geese and chickens.

Natural Fibre Rugs

Using natural fibre rugs will bring some comfort into your room and help create a natural ambience. Most rugs are made from petroleum based synthetic fibres so can give off an odour and in addition their manufacture is not good for the planet.
Natural Fibre Rugs
Support Fairtrade producers or look for organic certification so that you can be sure that you are not just creating future landfill.

Natural Furnishings

Ditch the plastic, remove the TV set from your bedroom and replace with natural materials such as wood and bamboo. Creating a natural space will help you sleep better and is good for the environment too. Upcycling vintage wooden furniture or buying new pieces made from recycled natural materials will create a calming and restful ambience.

Bedroom Curtains

Your bedroom curtains are important. They provide privacy and help black out light disturbance and noise – a major consideration if you live in a busy location. You can find organic bedroom curtains in a range of materials such as cotton or linen but organic hemp is also a good choice. Hemp is a strong fibre that is inexpensive and is an ideal choice for curtain material.


We all need more plants in our life and a bedroom can be an ideal location especially if you have plenty of natural light. A big leafy plant such as a palm or a Ficus can look great by a window. Smaller pot plants can also be effective if you don’t have much space. When buying plants, always read the label to find out the ideal growing conditions and if these match your bedroom, go for it!

Keep your Bedroom Clear of Clutter

Keep your Bedroom Clear of Clutter
We all live in an artificial environment, surrounded by too much stuff. If you use your bedroom to store clothes that you never wear or tend to pile up “treasured ornaments” it is time to de clutter.

If you are trying to create an organic space and use only natural materials it is not a good idea to hang on to old things forever unless you still use them. It is important to remember that most clothes, shoes and handbags contain high amounts of plastic so just get rid of what you don’t need.