If you’re lucky enough to have a garden space with your home, then there is no doubt that you enjoy spending time in it relaxing and enjoying nature. For many people, the desire to create a garden oasis that is beautiful, serene, and private is quite strong, but not always easy to achieve. Perhaps your garden is currently lacking in the privacy department, and it feels as though there are far too many eyes that can see into it. While you can certainly go the traditional route of a standard fence, that’s not always the most attractive option.

Here we’ll take a look at various ways you can create a sense of privacy in your garden without having to sacrifice on its natural beauty and atmosphere.

Add a Trellis to the Space

Add a Trellis to the Space
Here’s an option that isn’t quite as obvious as a full fence, but can still offer a fair amount of privacy. Trellis panels, such as the ones you can find at The Garden Trellis Co. are an excellent way to add privacy in a more natural way. You can purchase panels in a variety of shapes and sizes, and choose how big the pattern is, with smaller gaps providing a higher level of privacy.

You can go ahead and create a wall of trellis panels, or even affix them to bench seating, a deck, planters, or a shorter fence panel. Trellis panels give you the opportunity to be creative. Once in place, you can boost up the nature feel by planting greenery that climbs up the trellis. Eventually all you will notice is the lovely greenery, not the panel.

Use Plants to Your Advantage

Another really easy way to add privacy to your garden is to use plants to your advantage. There are a number of varieties that are known for being fast growers, are dense and thick, and stay green all year round. Typically referred to as privacy hedges, you’ll be able to groom them into the shape and height that works for your garden.

Just make sure that, when you are planting the hedges, you give enough space between each one to really fill in the gap. Typically leaving two feet between each plant is sufficient.

Decking and Pergolas Also Offer a Level of Privacy

Decking and Pergolas Also Offer a Level of Privacy
Perhaps it’s only certain areas where you care about privacy. For many people, they want to be able to sit in their garden to enjoy an outdoor meal, or maybe relax with friends. If that’s the case, then a pergola, gazebo, or deck could be all you need. You can use privacy screens or even a trellis on them to create a sense of intimacy, and again you can plant climbing vines that will help fill in those open spaces.

If you build a roof on the deck, even if it’s just some simple wood beams that still allow the sun to shine through, you can also use hanging plants to create a “wall” along the sides.

Privacy is Achieved While Staying True to the Natural Beauty

Each of these tips will help you achieve privacy in your garden while remaining true to its natural beauty.