Furnishing your house is not only a step in making your house a ‘home’, but it’s an art that requires hours of effort. It may seem like it’s a difficult task that compels people to spend substantial funds for services of professional interior designers. But it doesn’t have to be so; you can easily decorate your home just stick to a particular theme, but the tricky part is mixing two themes.

Modern house designs are great when you want to give your house a glamorous and sophisticated touch, but usually, modern homes lack warmth and homely feeling. Modern houses are generally decorated with a minimalistic theme, but it may not be the best idea for your house. Vintage furniture has a more approachable and inviting feeling without killing the beauty of a house. As the blend of modern and vintage requires creative insight, don’t rush out and buy whatever looks good to you. You cannot ignore the intricacies of interior design and requirements of your space, so choose something that will produce the perfect final look. Whereas modern furniture is more geometric, vintage furniture gives you more options in terms of curves and shape.
Modern Home
There are many ways in which you can add vintage furniture to your modernly designed house that can make your house more beautiful all the while keeping its modern vibe. Some things need to be kept in mind while doing so. First and foremost, never overdo it and make it look like a furniture shop puked in your house. Modern houses are known for their minimalistic look, so while furnishing keep that in mind. One vintage piece of furniture will be enough. Don’t choose something just because it is expensive; buy it because it looks good and decent.

The vintage furniture can range from tapestries to carpets and rugs, from sofa covers and cushions to decoration pieces and fireplaces. You can make your room more vintage by adding some vintage mirrors on your walls. Old designed frames for your portraits or your pictures are another great option without making it look like a mess. Vintage style mantles and antique Victorian fireplaces are a great option too. Decoration pieces such as vases, bowls, mantle pieces and wall hangings can also give you the fusion you need. You can really beautify your living room or your bedroom if you can get your hands on a vintage dresser. That is a sure way of antiquing your modernized house. An oriental rug or vintage tapestries, modern furniture with vintage sofa covers and cushions also help in achieving the blend of themes. You can never go wrong with antique vintage lamps when paired with minimalistic nightstand.
Vintage Furniture
Many websites offer vintage furniture at a cheaper rate along with how you should furnish your house. Moreover, many articles on Pinterest are available that can give you a clear idea of what goes with what making it easier for you to choose. With a little effort, you can achieve that balance between vintage and modern.