Do you want to make the oak cabinets inside your kitchen look more glamorous? If yes, this article is meant for you. Now that wood-based drawers have received a facelift as far as their popularity is concerned, we decided to help homeowners get much from oak cabinets, arguably the most iconic wood-based drawer designs. 

If you own oak kitchen cabinets, this is the time to let them not only shine but also stand out. Continue reading to discover ideas and ways to enhance their outlooks. 

Are Oak Kitchen Cabinets Trending

Certainly yes! As we have just observed, wood-based drawer varieties, oak kitchen cabinets included, are back in fashion. Unlike cabinets constructed from artificial materials, wood cabinets are practically relevant in many ways. 

Oak cabinets, for example, feature the following remarkable functional properties, all of which make them worthwhile attractions; 

  1. Ease of Outfitting

While oak is exceptionally strong and so, hard to break, it is amazingly easier to work with. Cabinets made up of oak can easily be uninstalled before being converted to different shapes or layouts. 

According to interior designers, the simplicity of the wood-based material components of oak cabinets makes them call for simpler instruments and minimal resources when it comes to outfitting them. 

  1. Cabinetry Design Multiplicity 

Oak cabinet varieties generally come in two major types; white and red oak kitchen cabinets. But generally speaking, oak cabinetry designs feature multiple design variables that go beyond material finishing options. 

Traditional-style oak cabinets come with rustic accessories and are more often marked by gothic ornamentation. Modern-style oak cabinets on the other hand, are less ornamented and are hallmarked by artificial material textures, for example, metallic and laminate materials, most of which work as accessories. 

  1. Durability

As of now, the major reason that makes oak cabinet designs the top trend is the fact that they are longer-lasting. Well, we all want to get value for our hard-earned money and so, must spend it on something that will serve us as much as possible. 

Regardless of their cabinetry design preferences, many homeowners in America and beyond have opted for oak cabinets as a strategy for limiting the costs of interior design. Oak cabinets are not only timeless but also effective at dealing with the effects of tear and wear. 

Tips for Enhancing the Appearance of Oak Kitchen Cabinets

  • Accessorize Oak Kitchen Cabinets

To make either red or white oak kitchen cabinets seem more statement-making, you can try beautifying them with a variety of cabinet accessories, from metallic fixtures and knobs to glass components, for example, glass doors. 

Thankfully, cabinets constructed from oak can blend well with a variety of textures and colors. If they are colorfully painted, however, you may have to work with accessories featuring textures and colors that align with their paint. 

  • Outfit Oak Cabinets

Outfitting oak cabinets is also a sure strategy for revitalizing their appearance. If oak cupboards are more compact, for example, outfitting them by making them more open can serve as a strategy for modernizing their appearance. 

As we already mentioned, oak cabinetry designs are easier to outfit, thanks to the properties of their hardwood material. While considering outfitting oak cabinets, you must be keen to consider the layout of your cooking space as well as the absence or presence of lighting. 

  • Pair Oak Cabinets with Colors

 You can also seamlessly enhance the appearance of oak kitchen cabinets by pairing them with relevant colors or shades. When it comes to styling red oak cabinets with colors, lighter shades, for example, white and cream are recommended. 

White oak cabinets, on the other hand, are harmonious with non-light shades, for example, brown, black, and grey. Therefore, the takeaway to choosing colors to mix with oak cabinets is considering the visual demeanor of the cabinets in question. 

  • Pair Oak Cabinets with Hardwood Finishes

Depending on what they look like, oak kitchen cabinets can look stately when blended with a variety of hardwood. With oak cabinets inside your kitchen, therefore, you can choose to install hardwood flooring or furniture. 

To enhance the overall resulting outlook, you can install butcher block countertops on the cabinetry and greenish-looking fresh plants as well as flowers in various parts of your cooking hall. 

Will Oak Kitchen Cabinets Soon Stop Trending?

Sincerely speaking, the end of the popularity of oak cabinets is unpredictable. These drawers recently showed signs of going out of fashion but are now trending more than ever. Considering the extent to which homeowners are currently looking for wood-based cabinets, we should expect oak cabinets to trend for a long time to come. 

Apart from the fact that wood-based drawer varieties have demonstrated potential to trend for many years to come, oak kitchen cabinets are more likely to stay trending for a long time, thanks to their remarkable functional abilities, including their ability to look amazing in the face of tear and wear. 

How to Enhance the Lifespan of Oak Kitchen Cabinets

#1: Keep Oak Cabinets Clean and Well-Maintained

To let oak cabinets serve you for as long as you want, you must clean them regularly. In case you notice any effect of tear and wear on them, for example, scratch marks and dents, you must repair them as soon as possible unless you want them to age faster. Regarding maintenance, you also need to keep oak cabinets dry at all times to make their surfaces less susceptible to rotting. 

#2: Don’t Over Accessorize Oak Cabinets

Generally speaking, the majority of cabinet accessories feature delicate material textures and so, are prone to damage. For this reason, if your oak kitchen cabinets are excessively accessorized, they may be more susceptible to repair exercises, most of which are not only harmful to their overall appearance but also expensive. To make your oak cabinets exceptionally longer-lasting, you must try avoiding over-accessorizing them. 

Final Thoughts

Just like a variety of wood-based cabinetry designs, oak kitchen cabinets are amazingly lag-free and fun to style. Because they are harmlessly compatible with multiple material textures and colors, you can style them any way you want. As of now, oak cabinets are among the cabinetry designs considered trendier and worth going for.