After spending so much time at home during the coronavirus lockdown, you’re probably itching for a home makeover. You’ve already cleaned your place spotless and rearranged the furniture three times, but you want to take on more permanent projects. You’re probably afraid a drastic home or kitchen renovation is a bit out of the question during a lockdown, however.

Think again! While it’s true you can’t make any extensive changes or updates to your kitchen, you can make small changes to enhance it. The Multiliving team, a group of leading Italian kitchen designers in North London, has put together five ways to improve your kitchen – even during lockdown.


The first – and best – thing you can do in your kitchen is clamp down on clutter. If you’ve gone on a mad cleaning frenzy throughout your home then perhaps you’ve already taken care of this. If not, now’s the time to go through old and unused items in your kitchen.

Do you have an entire set of dishware you never use? What about those fancy salt and pepper grinders you got for Christmas last year that haven’t left the cabinet once? By simply going through clutter and removing things that take up space, you’re already enhancing your kitchen. It will also be easier to make further improvements without so much junk in your way.

Change Out Your Cabinet Hardware


A quick, simple kitchen fix you can do during lockdown is replacing the hardware on your cabinets. Requiring only a couple of tools, this task can be completed in a few hours – depending on how many cabinets you have. It’s also easy to shop for new hardware online. Many DIY stores are still doing sales through their websites, so you can pick out a fresh set and have it shipped to your door.

New handles on your cabinetry is one of the easiest ways to update your kitchen. There’s no painting, no plumbing, and no electric work involved. Not to mention the hardware can have a huge impact on the overall design in your kitchen.

Slap on a Fresh Coat of Paint

If you’re willing to put in a bit more time and effort, then why not repaint your kitchen? Nothing makes a room feel fresh like a new coat of paint. Just like with hardware, you can pick out a new paint colour online from a DIY shop and have tins of it delivered.

It’s always best to buy a sample size of paint to try out on your walls before committing to it, but that should be even more important during lockdown. Looking at colours on a screen is not the same as seeing them in real life. So to be sure you get the hue you want, try a sample first.

Your kitchen walls aren’t the only place ready for a paint job – you can repaint or restain your kitchen cabinets as well! This will take more effort, as you’ll have to remove the cabinet doors and drawers before starting. You’ll also have to do repairs, sand them down, and prime them – all before actually putting on a coat of paint. Although it’s more work, repainting your cabinets is a great way to give an entirely new personality to your kitchen. And it can be done during lockdown.

Replace Lighting Fixtures

Replace Lighting Fixtures

Another easy fix for updating your kitchen is replacing lighting fixtures. You can shop for and order new fixtures online. This task involves little electrical work, too – you don’t need an expert to do it. If you’re installing wholly new fixtures, though, that could get complicated.

Lighting fixtures are a central piece of any kitchen. Not only do they illuminate the space, they also tie your entire design together. Putting in a new fixture will change the character of your kitchen, even during lockdown.

Stick-On Splashback

A final way you can improve your kitchen during lockdown is by updating the splashback. There’s no tiling or plastering involved, not when you use adhesive splashback sheets. These panels are a popular choice for homeowners who want an update without making a permanent change or spending too much money.

The adhesive is strong enough to withstand steam and warm temperatures from cooking, so you won’t have to worry about them peeling off. The sheets come in various patterns, with tile being the most common option. You can easily order them online and have them shipped to your door.

Final Thoughts on Enhancing Your Kitchen During Lockdown

Being quarantined at home doesn’t mean your kitchen design has to languish. If you’re tired of your old kitchen and ready for some changes, you can easily make these improvements.