Throughout summertime, you spent as much time as possible on your patio. From cookouts to your morning cup of coffee, there’s no better place to enjoy cool evenings and mornings and bright, sunny days. But, as that sunshine fades earlier and the air grows cooler, most people spend progressively less time in this favorite outdoor spot. If you’re lamenting the end of summer and your regular bouts of fresh air, there’s a bright spot on your horizon.

Contrary to popular belief, the start of fall doesn’t signal the end of outdoor fun. With a few tweaks, you can enjoy your space through autumn, if not the whole year long. From your seasonal details to your sense of style, you can create your dream patio, with some DIY or by hiring professionals.

Decorate Autumnally

On the one hand, this project provides plenty of opportunities to include a bit of festivity in your home’s décor. A few pumpkins, scarecrows, or autumn leaves will make for an aesthetically pleasing area to enjoy while you await trick-or-treaters or anticipate the season’s first snowfall.

But this isn’t the only way your patio’s decorations can influence its seasonality. Adding cozy details like pillows and cushions or even a throw blanket can make it a comfortable living space on even the coolest fall evening. Add a warm mug of your favorite drink—be it cocoa, cider, or the iconic pumpkin spice latte—and you’re in for an autumnal treat. Embrace the Danish concept of hygge, a warm, cozy aesthetic, for an area worthy of your favorite influencer’s Pinterest boards.

Dress Appropriately

With your new awning, décor, and other details, your space is ready for fall, but are you? And, more importantly, is your closet? Set yourself up for seasonal success by styling the perfect look. 2020 fall fashion trends are the perfect complement to this endeavor.

Ponchos, one of this year’s coziest trends, make for a warm way to enjoy yourself in your favorite outdoor space, even as the weather grows cooler. Ruana wraps and capes create a similarly comfortable look, while other fall favorites like scarves, sweaters, and hooded jackets will ensure you’re feeling as good as your patio already looks. A fuzzy pair of slippers or wool-lined boots will complete your fall look—save, perhaps for some statement jewelry to add a touch of elegance.

Design Accordingly

Perhaps the most necessary key to an autumn-friendly outdoor area is in an effective design. If you didn’t think through a year-round design when creating your outdoor area, there’s still plenty you can do to change that. By adding some cold weather-proof details to your existing space, you can enjoy it through fall and beyond.

Consider, for example, the awnings Chicago company Marygrove Awnings offers its customers throughout Northwest Indiana. A retractable awning, pergola, or another patio cover will ensure you’re protected from the elements. Add a heater to your space and you’ll be comfortable long after the summer sun has set for the season. Bought your home with the patio pre-installed, but the original homeowners didn’t think of non-warm weather use? A residential awning and other upgrades are simple renovations that create the space of your dreams. With the help of the pros and your favorite home improvement store, you’ll find that an all-weather outdoor space has its perks.

It doesn’t take a lot of time or effort to create the perfect outdoor patio area, ready for autumn and all year long. Trade in your summer barbecues for the sights and sounds of a bonfire-inspired fall, complete with cozy clothes, festive decorations, and protection from the elements. With these few simple changes, your favorite warm-weather activities don’t have to be a limited time occasion: whatever the weather, you can spend this colorful season embracing the fresh air and fall foliage.