The Introduction

Being a parent is never easy. The responsibilities that come with being one are endless, even if you are a pet parent. You see, you have to consider the well-being of your adorable charge in every possible way. So, it is that many new pet guardians wonder if it is a good idea to restrict your feline fluffball to the indoors.

Many vets recommend that the safest place for your cats or kittens is in your house. But, lately, many pet keepers argue that keeping your pet indoors at all times goes against the nature of an animal. However, it cannot be without danger to let your pets out without supervision.

So, a solution was necessary. And, the answer to this problem is catios. If you don’t know what a catio is and what purpose it serves, then read on to find out.

What are Catios?

A catio, also known as a cat patio, is a cat enclosure for a window, porch, or even the yard. It is available in a variety of sizes, able to house several felines, and made affordable at varying prices. Your pet can access the cat enclosure through a cat door installed in a window, wall, or door.

A catio may be as big or small as your living space and budget allow. It may include ramps for fun, bowls for food and water, scratching posts, and cat beds. It may even house cleaning trays and your pet’s favorite toys.

There are DIY projects that you may undertake to see firsthand how your feline adjusts to being outdoors. Or, you can order a cat enclosure from the many websites that cater to the specific needs of your pets and pet parents.

The general feature of most catios is that the outdoor area is with mesh wire allowing your pets to be secure while it may enjoy the fresh air, the sun, and the sights, sounds, or movements of the natural environment. Catios even include an indoor space where your pet under shelter against the sun or harsher elements of the winter season.

Fundamentally, cat enclosures promote feline enrichment and shelter. But, those are not the only advantages that catios serve, so let’s take a look at the multiple benefits of cat patios.

1) Protection For Your Cat

As much as your feline family member may enjoy exploring and being outside, it may be in harm’s way if not inside an enclosure. Your kitty cat can get hurt by a passing cat, other humans, stray dogs, and other wildlife. Then, it may get infested with ticks, fleas, mites, or even ringworms.

Also, there is always the danger that your beloved companion may get lost or even get stolen. And, let’s not forget poisoning from antifreeze, grass, or garden fertilizers, and bug repellents.

Moreover, your pet’s natural inclination to be curious may lead to choking hazards such as getting caught in fencing or end up being stuck on a tall tree branch.

2) Lower Your Vet’s Bills

May sound very materialistic, but the vet’s bill is a monthly expense that can put a financial strain on you. It’s imperative to take your pet to the vet for the routine examination. But, if you let your pet roam outdoors, then the chances of it contracting a disease increase considerably.

Cats are known to get Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV), Feline Leukemia Virus Infection (FeLV), or rabies from other infected animals. So, keeping them in a catio not only ensures the wellness of your cat, it keeps your pocket full too.

3) Reduce The Free-Roaming Cat Population

Most pet parents feel it is unkindness to neuter their cats. Hence, if you allow your cat to go out unspayed, then expect a batch of kittens. And, it can also mean health issues for both the mommy cat and kittens. On the flip side, your unspayed tomcat can also add to the general population of stray cats if given free access to the outdoors.

Unfortunately, a litter of stray kittens is usually left to fend for themselves, rather than being adopted. So, it’s kind to think ahead and prevent such an occurrence.

Catios are ideal for pet parents who want to keep their pets free from danger and not neuter them. Albeit, not neutering your cats can lead to terminal diseases, so it’s better to be safe than sorry.

4) Reduce Multiple Cat Issues

Cats mark their territories too. And, even if they condescend to share their living space with a woebegone creature, they still deserve their time alone in their cherished spot. If you have a smaller living space, then a catio connected to the balcony is ideal.

Hence, you are adding to their territory. In short, you are helping to reduce conflicts and behavioral issues. Also, any kitty guardian can vouch that a cat with its own space is happier and much more complacent.

5) Help Reduce Indoor Odors

It’s a bit embarrassing to admit, but most pet parents face an odor control issue within their homes. And, the more pets you have indoors, the greater the stench within your house.

No, pet guardians would conceive of putting the lives of their feline friends at risk to be rid of some smells. But, with a catio, you can be sure that your fluffball is purr-fectly safe. Since cat enclosures have room for cleaning trays, you can even keep your home free of bad smells.

6) Provide A Healthy Outdoor Lifestyle

Lounging is the favorite pastime of most cats. The space is enough to allow your cat to exercise, run up and down ramps, enjoy leisurely naps in the warm sun, dolefully watch birds and other wildlife, and lounge to their heart’s content.

Also, the fresh air your loveable companion is getting is incredible for its well-being. And, if you are conscientious about cleaning habits, then the catio is a much better living environment than your house for your pet.

In Conclusion

It may seem like too much of an expense at the outset, but a catio is the best thing you can do for your pets. Moreover, it’s not only beneficial for your pet, but cat enclosures are healthy for your mental well-being too. You see, you know your pet is secure while enjoying the outdoors, so you can stop worrying and relax as well.