First-time buyers not familiar with the fill dirt market often overlook the fact that they can get free fill dirt through several means. Depending on where you live, you may find yourself needing some fill dirt or garden soil for landscaping.

If you know the right places, you will save hundreds of dollars while scoring good quality fill dirt for free. 

What is Fill Dirt?

Though most people use topsoil and fill dirt interchangeably, both are different from each other. Fill dirt lacks the purity and fineness of topsoil and perfect for filling holes. 

It does not have any organic matter and contains stones, rocks, and dense earth. Fill dirt is a necessity when it comes to leveling land and building up ground.

How to Get Fill Dirt For Free?

It is significantly cheaper, however, with some of the following ways you can get the best fill dirt for free.

Go to Construction Sites

Visit construction sites in the neighborhood, if you see an in-ground pool or basement being dug, go and talk to the crew to have a bunch of dirt to haul off. 

The owner or the construction may permit you to have it unless they do not have plans to redistribute or resell the dirt. Check the quality of the dirt as you would not want to take home contaminated dirt.

Request a Farmer

Hop on Craigslist, Freecycle, or ask a farmer for manure for the garden soil. If you are friends with local experts like farmers, gardeners, and garden centers’ specialist, ask them to help arrange free but clean dirt for your projects. Get fill dirt in san diego from ljsierrainc.

Swimming Pool Builders

As swimming pool builders do a lot of digging, they have extra dirt to dispose of. They can provide enough fill dirt for smaller projects like filling some areas of the yard or leveling land. 

Call local swimming pool building companies to see if they are willing to help you get free fill dirt. 

Create an Online Post 

If you do not know where to look, consider putting up a post online using different forums or social media sites. Join local Facebook groups or subreddit to publish a simple post like ‘Clean Dirt Wanted’. Someone may reach out to you to help you find a way to get clean fill dirt locally for free.

Local Fill Dirt Programs

Many states and cities have different sites or programs to haul fill dirt for free. Contact local city town hall to ask for any programs or areas set aside for fill dirt.

There are a few restrictions as to how much you can take and pay for the delivery charges to haul it away.

Ask Excavation Companies

It costs money and resources to dispose of the waste, therefore many excavation companies distribute the waste (excess fill dirt, concrete, stone, and metal) to anyone who asks. 

In Summary

Free fill dirt sure sound tempting but it is important to test the quality of the soil. Some fill dirt is contaminated with chemicals, trash, and bricks that you may not find suitable for your property.