Ducts are usually hidden within soffits, in ceilings, and behind walls, but modern designs now incorporate ducts as part of the overall home decoration. To give the modern design of your home an industrial flair, you should use the right approach. A good ducting design may look superb, but you may end up with a disturbing design if you’re not careful.

Here are some tips you can consider to make your ducting part of your modern home’s design:

1. Paint Them And Mind The Color

One of the many ways to make your ducting a part of your modern design is to splash them with some colors. If you want to make the ducts either unnoticeable or eye-catching, painting them with the suitable color is your choice. The color you choose is vital so that your ducts won’t look off on the overall design. You can also buy painted ducts from a good supplier if you’re starting to build and design from scratch.

Depending on your overall concept, you need to choose the appropriate color. Here are some tips:

  • If your concept is an elegant room design, making your ducts appear stylish should be considered. For this, you might want to consider springing for copper. Although it’s quite expensive, it’ll be worth it. Not only does it give a warm and elegant look, but copper ductwork is known to contain antimicrobial and antifungal properties. These properties are vital, so the air in the room becomes healthier. That’s another plus you get from this option.
  • Use bold colors to make a statement using your ductwork. Bold colors are eye-catching, vibrant, and make a striking vibe as they create some accent to your home’s design.
  • If you want to make ducts unnoticeable, paint it with the same or similar shades of color as your wall or ceiling. In contrast to bold colors that allow for accent, this option makes the ductwork blend in to your home’s interiors. So, if your wall or ceiling is white, painting the ducts white or other non-contrasting shades is the trick.

2. Cover Them With Magnetic Sheets

You can also make your ductwork magnetic, especially if they’re within arms’ reach. Magnetic sheets come in various colors from plain to matte-white laminates. You can use this to go with a modern minimalist design.

Magnetic sheets are even self-adhesive, so it’s not that hard to cover your ducts with them. Adhesive magnetic sheets come with an easy peel-and-stick property. Magnetic sheeting for ducts is best for indoor use and allows for more designing flexibility as they can be easily removed and re-attached.

Some magnetic sheets are even flexible so that you won’t have to use special cutting equipment if you want to cut or slit it.

There’s even magnetic sheeting with matte-white finish which you can paint and color as you wish. Through this, you can express your artistic self so as to make your ducts personalized with your own drawings or writings.

There are also non-adhesive magnetic sheets, which you can use with your own choice of adhesive. This goes well especially if you want stronger adhesion so as to avoid magnetic sheets falling off too easily from your ducts.

Aside from ventilation and heating purposes, ducts with magnetic surface can serve as pin boards. Through this, you can attach light artworks, children’s drawings, holiday decors, or photos on them using magnets.

3. Make Them Neat And Shiny

If your ducts have been around for a long time, they may look grimy and old. This is especially true when you’re moving in to an old house.

This wouldn’t be a nice sight if you want an exposed ductwork as part of your modern home design.

Making your ductwork appear shiny and brand new is the key. Cleaning your old house’s ducting, instead of replacing it entirely, helps.

It removes dirt and dust that may cause damage. It also gives you an idea of your ducting condition. You can then paint them anew afterwards.

If you want to retain your ducting’s original color, you may use a clear coating substance to let its natural color appear. Making your duct clean and shiny adds to your home’s aesthetic look. This trick works well if your modern concept is unpainted concrete.

4. Put Some Lights On Them

You may also put some lights on your lighting. Hang or coil in either colorful party lights or plain white lights to your ducts to make them look more vibrant. Make sure, though, not to overdo it. You wouldn’t want your ducting look strangled with too much lights.

For instance, using LED lights as an interior design is good for different occasions. Instead of creating holes on your wall to attach lightings on, use your exposed ductwork. You can coil the lighting straps on the ductwork to enjoy the holiday vibe.

You can even attach emergency LED lights on your ducting as most come in compact. So, when your main light goes out, you can easily use the emergency light attached on the ductwork.

If you want that dreamy sky-like ceiling, attach some glow in the dark stickers on your ducting. You can enjoy the night sky look and feel when you turn off your main lights.

5. Go Green

Modern designs aren’t limited to shiny and glossy, vibrant or black and white colors, you can also make a twist by aiming for a relaxing nature vibe on your ducting as part of your home design. You can aim for a more environmental look and feel by putting some plants like vines for your modern design.

This option naturally blends in with urban indoor garden designs in most modern homes. Greens hanging on your ducting works perfectly well if you put some succulents and cacti around your home interiors.


These are only some of the many ways to incorporate your home’s ducting as part of your modern design. They don’t only offer you design options but allow for other functions for your ducting.

Painting them with the right color makes them blend in or appear strikingly around your home interiors. You can even use magnetic sheeting instead of paint while using it as magnetic pin boards. If you want to keep their natural color, simply clean and coat them with clear color for an aesthetic vibe. You can put some lightings around your ductwork to add vibrance to your home. Lastly, going green gives your home a more environmental feel.

Whichever option you take, make adjustments as you wish.