Decor and artwork make a house a home. They’re also the most susceptible to damage during the moving process. While the moving process is already stressful, knowing that your precious artwork is at risk is even more so. 

Whether your art holds sentimental value or is priceless and irreplaceable, protecting it during the move is a must. Here are some practical tips to keep your artwork safe while moving.

Hire a Reputable Moving Service

When choosing a mover, find someone respectful, reputable, and knowledgeable to handle your belongings. Look for recommendations and reviews for reliable moving services, then reach out with your questions and concerns.

Don’t forget to highlight insurance as a must-have to protect your artwork. Discuss the value of the products with the mover and ensure you have adequate coverage for your art.

Use Acid-Free Packing Materials

While wrapping things in newspaper and cheap packing materials is fine for most items, photos and art require a bit more care and attention. Ensure the packaging materials you use for your art are acid-free and deemed photo safe. 

Invest in glassine craft paper for an added layer of protection when securing your artwork for the move. This paper will protect the art from other smudges and spills without compromising the integrity of your piece.

Use Structured Mirror Boxes

Make sure that your pieces won’t have much wiggle room inside the boxes, as that’s how damage usually occurs. Consider purchasing structured mirror boxes appropriately sized for your valuable pieces. Mirror boxes have corner inserts that prevent movement within the box while leaving room for extra packing materials. You can also get wooden pallet-style boxes for larger pieces.

Consider Rolling Canvases

Stretched canvas is substantially more vulnerable than canvases that have yet to be stretched or framed. Consider rolling any loose canvasses you have into storage tubes.

You can also take framed pieces out and roll them if you’re concerned about the move. Cardboard tubes are structured for extra protection in comparison to traditional moving boxes.

Tape Your Glass Frames

If your art is better kept in its frame, remember to tape the glass with painters’ tape or masking tape. Use a large X or star formation to ensure coverage. The tape provides extra structure and prevents the glass from shattering entirely, which could cause damage to the art underneath or even cause accidents.

Layer Your Sculpture Packing Materials

Not all artwork is stretched on a canvas or secured in a frame. Sculptures and figurines are also a form of art!

The critical thing to remember when packing your sculptures, statues, and figurines is adding support to vulnerable areas. For example, if you have a delicate ceramic snake that you acquired on a trip to Egypt, the extended portion would be pretty vulnerable to breakage. 

For these pieces, use plastic wrap secured tightly around the vulnerable areas for extra support. This layer will also protect any paint or varnish on the piece. Next, add a layer of bubble wrap and secure it with tape.

As with framed pieces, limiting movement within a box is essential. Consider putting a few well-packed pieces together or fill in the gaps with other packing materials. 

Label Accordingly

Consider purchasing neon labels for your art boxes, either pre-printed with the “fragile” label or hand-written with a sharpie. Communication is also crucial for keeping your products safe. Tell your movers (hired or otherwise) what this label signifies and how important the contents are. 

Use careful packing and reputable movers when protecting your artwork during the moving process. With a little extra time and dedication, you can ensure your treasured pieces make it in one piece.