The world before COVID-19 was freeing for most of us. Some of us were planning for future trips and events. Some of us were beginning to plan to move to a new apartment, house, or condo when the Summer months came along.

But now, things are on hold. Some of us can continue our planning, but some of us feel stuck, like we can’t really move on to continue any planning because it requires us to have more mobility.

The problem about home buying for most people is that, quite honestly, sometimes the buyer feels more comfortable and like they can trust their realtor, mortgage broker, etc. when they see them physically. After all, this is their money that they’re using to buy a new place.

But, what people haven’t been talking about recently is how home buyers can still be very much a part of the process, even at a distance.

Here are the 5 ways you can still look to purchase a new place, even from the comfort and safety of your own home.

1. Search Engine Real Estate Sites


These are the best sites to get a closer look into individual homes and their neighborhoods before going to visit the house. You’ve probably done it before on or and have found places to go see in person. These sites can be a great way to help you determine your budget and see what is out there currently on the market.

Now, when you enter in the buying property phase of your life, you’re probably going to start looking at real estate sites. It’s highly recommended if you’re looking to purchase a home to work with these professionals that can lay out all the information for you on the table. But, another way to begin your search is to go to smaller, luxury real estate agents in your area that can help you customize your search and maybe even help you find something that’s newly built.

2. Virtual Tours

Let’s face it, the stay-at-home orders do put a damper on being able to check out these potential homes. While that can seem like a potential reason to not continue your home search, maybe it could provide a new opportunity for you and your realtor to virtually connect as they physically tour the home for you. If they’re able to still get to a home and tour it for you, ask them if you can virtually be a part of the experience. Ask them to take measurements and check for any potential downfalls of the current structure.

However, before you commit your realtor to going to search these potential homes for you, make sure that they’re taking safety precautions. Make sure they have a mask, that they asked the builder or the past owner to leave the home for the allotted time they’re touring for you, and that they have hand sanitizer for after they leave the premises. While it’s important for you to see the home, it’s also important for your realtor to be safe.

3. Downsize Your Current Belongings

While you’re in your home and are continuing to social distance, this could be a great time for you to take a good look at your current belongings and determine what you want to keep, what you want to throw out and what you want to donate or give away. You can categorize each room and determine from there to keep your place from getting messy as you turn around all of your belongings.

There are some things from your past that are important to keep because of their sustainable products, but there are also other things that might be important as keepsakes to remind you of your old home. Since you will be in your home for a few months, even after you are ready to make a settlement, you can take your time and begin now on what’s going to matter the most when you finally get to move in.

4. Determine the style of your new home

Now, after you get to take a look at the home virtually and downsize, the real fun can begin. The best part about staying inside is that you can feed your current creativity of what you want for your future home. Maybe you don’t buy some of these materials or furniture now, but you can plan for what you want the design of your home to look like. You plan out from your curtains to your big furniture pieces, all from online.

The home buying process doesn’t have to slow down for you as we all remain quarantined. You can get more actively involved virtually than ever before and plan ahead. This could be a great time to consider things that are important for you after you actually have the home.