Sofa beds, also known as pull-out-couches, are widely used to accommodate sudden guests when you live in a limited space apartment. Generally, it works as a seating couch, but it can be converted into an extra bed to welcome your guest when you need it.

Sofa beds are perfect for overnight accommodation. However, sofa beds are not recommended for everyday use as they are less comfortable than traditional beds. Besides, it’s challenging for the person to enjoy a sound sleep who tries to sleep on it. Most of these sofa bed mattresses don’t have enough cushioning, and most of the time you’ll feel like the springs are digging your back. 

Hence, if you don’t want to ruin the comfort of your guest, you may want to know: how to make a sofa bed more comfortable? There are a lot of ideas through which you can enhance the support of your sofa bed.  Read the entire article to understand: how to do that?

Why Is a Sofa Bed So Uncomfortable For Sleep?

There are a lot of factors that might reduce the comfort of your sofa bed. When you know about those factors you can easily fix them and increase the comfort of your sofa bed. 

Almost in every sofa bed, you’ll see that the folding bar that is mainly responsible for propping up the mattress often winds up in the middle of your back. Therefore when you sleep on it, you won’t get the necessary support and comfort.

Moreover, most of the sofa bed spring mechanisms get loose and old with the time being and can’t provide adequate support in the right area. Because of this the sleeper feels stiff and uncomfortable under his/her back and can’t sleep well. 

On the other hand, if you use your sofa bed on a regular basis it gets sagging over time. Consequently, you’ll feel the mattress of your sofa bed support flexible boards, metal net, the webbing as they will lose the tension and turn into an uncomfortable surface. 

How to Make a Sofa Bed More Comfortable?

There are a lot of ways through which you can increase the comfort of your sofa bed. Below I’m going to show you the most convenient one. 

Use A Mattress Topper

The easiest and the most effective way to increase the comfort of your sofa bed is to use a mattress topper for sofa bed. The extra padding of the mattress topper will provide the necessary comfort when you sleep on it. There are different thickness levels and material mattress toppers available in the market. 

Just don’t get confused with them. Remember the material of the mattress topper is just the personal preferences of the person; the thickness level actually determines the comfort. The more thick your mattress topper is, the higher comfort you’ll get from it. 

Change Your Existing Mattress

Another best way to increase the comfort of your sofa bed is to replace the current mattress with a brand new one. Usually, a sofa bed comes with a 4-4 inches width mattress that may not provide you necessary support and comfort. 

But when you change the existing one, you can go for a thicker mattress that has high-resilience foam and enjoy a significant difference in terms of comfort.

Add Extra Cushions

There is no limitation on how many cushions you can add to your sofa bed. It’s up to you, you can add as many cushions as you want. By adding more cushions to your sofa bed you’ll get extra comfort and back support when you sit on it during the daytime.

On other hand, at night when you turn your sofa bed into a sleeping bed the cushion can be used as a comfortable pillow. Even, there is no fixed standard for the size of the cushion, you can go for any customized size according to your preferences. Just make sure they are covered by a pillow cover sheet.

Keep Your Mattress Clean

As you’re using your sofa bed on a daily basis, it’ll get dirty more frequently and get wear and tear with the time being. In addition, components like dust, spills, dirt, and crumbs turn your sofa bed into a dirty, filthy, and smelly place to sleep. 

Hence you need to clean the mattress on a regular basis to keep it pleasant and hygienic for you and the guest. To clean your sofa bed, first, you need to fold the bed then open the lining and wash it through a washing machine. Now take your vacuum cleaner to remove all the dirt and debris. 

Use A Duvet

As you’re looking for more comfort, you can use a duvet with your sofa bed. But rather than wearing it like a blanket, you need to lie down on it. The thickness of the duvet provides you extra comfort and support during your sleep. 

Rotate Your Sofa Bed Mattress

The easiest and the most efficient option to increase your sofa bed comfort is to flip it over after a certain period of time. Through this, you can significantly increase the comfort of your sofa bed by improving the mattress condition. 

Rotate the mattress every six months so that the cushion of your mattress doesn’t get overly used on one side. When you alert both sides of the mattress frequently, it assists in restoring the fluffiness of your sofa bed. However, don’t use a mattress for more than a couple of years, especially if you use the mattress on a daily basis. 


When you live in a limited space apartment a sofa bed is the most versatile furniture that you can have in your apartment. You can use it in different ways to maximize the limited space of your house.

Along with its functional activity, it gives an aesthetic look to your house. Just follow the above-mentioned process and turn your sofa bed into a comfortable sleeping place for your family members and guests.