Many people are crazy about listening making profit out of crypto and block chain space. They hear about the latest developments in crypto world but curious to know more about them. The only question is how to make money from it. However, the topics related to bitcoin and crypto currencies are common but a few people know some useful ways to make money from it. 

There is no doubt that platform like btc era open up lot of options for you in crypto trading. However, there are certain strategies that help you in making more money out of it. Let us find out about these strategies. 

Make crypto investments

The opportunity is similar to land or gold investment. You buy crypto currency to lower rates and keep it with you until there is a rise in the prices. Similarly, you buy land on lower price and sell on a higher price. It involves longer investment that is time bound and brings profit over time. 


One of the conventional options to earn money or earn crypto currency is mining. It seems the initial stage procedure when currencies offer pioneers to be the part of crypto generation. You can collect many of crypto coins in their mining stage as pioneer free and later use them for trading, selling, staking, lending and much more. It requires much of time and you need to keep the track of your mining procedures. However, resistance can bring you some actual coins that lead to ultimate money in near future. 


One of the simple and most common options for earning with crypto currency is trading. You will trade in the crypto trading market similar to the forex trading. The live buying and selling of coins over time with every increase or decrease in the pricing and value. It lets you hold the trades or book profit even on day-to-day basis. Eventually, giving you some reasonable profit margin on daily basis.

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Crypto social media

If you do not have money for the investment, there is no issue. The crypto currency based social media platforms are there to reward you. All you need is to create and promote content related to crypto currency and get rewards. Mostly these rewards are the native coins of platform. Ultimately, you can use these coins for trading, staking and other opportunities as well. 

Staking and lending

Staking is an option of validating crypto transactions. It is more like investing in crypto as a fixed deposit or a procedure of lending. You are not using the crypto currency but keeping it safe in a wallet. The currency will be used to validate transaction and you will receive a profit, or interest share on it. It is just as if you lend money on interest. You will lend crypto coins on interest and receive a share on it as well. The rewards will be added to the actual coins and you can later enjoy it.