There is nothing like a relaxing time in your shower or unwinding in your immaculate bathtub after a long day at work. Bathrooms are one of the most important places in any house, and you should make sure that your stay is satisfying, comforting, and relaxing. Many homeowners are always looking for the best design for a luxurious bathroom. You have numerous ideas to choose from if you want to make it look spick-and-span and something better than a 5-star hotel. Read on to learn more about how to make your luxurious bathroom of your dreams come to life.

A Place for You to Perch

A great idea to make your bathroom luxurious is to have a place for you to perch and rest beyond your toilet. You don’t have to use your toilet if you want to sit down and pamper yourself. Having seating options can be a wonderful idea if you want that comfortable spot to do your pedicure, exfoliate your skin, and apply moisturizer. Also, it can be a comfortable spot to wax, shave, or dry your hair.

Pick the most convenient seat that matches your bathroom’s design. You could go for a comfortable wet-resistant armchair, bamboo bench, ceramic stool, or a tufted ottoman. Remember to have a small raw wooden dip-dyed stool to match the layout. This will give it the lavish look and convenience level you need.

Toilet Fit for Royalty

You need to incorporate a toilet fit for royalty in your remodeling project. This is the most used household item you own, and it should be designed for your comfort and convenience. Advice from the reviewers from suggests that enjoying your toilet time is a guarantee when you make it suit your lifestyle. This means that if you want the luxurious toilet, then you need a bidet installed into it. Bidets are the amazing devices that are installed in specific and unique toilets that give you several options.

These options include seat warmers, water jet systems, heating for the water, and pressure control too. Also, these toilet bidets have an automatic cleaning system that flushes the toilet the moment you walk away from it. Some of the designs have an automatic toilet seat that opens when you enter and closes when you leave the bathroom. This is an excellent addition to your lavish design needs.

Walk-In Shower of Your Dreams

Bathtubs are great but having a walk-in shower with the size of a bathtub is the epitome of luxury. The crystal clear glass wall doors can add an excellent touch to the shower. You need to understand that building a walk-in shower for your new remodeling project can give you that spa-like space that you adore in hotels and saunas. Also, you need to add a bench inside and adequate wall niche space for your products.

The extra addition of a bench will give you that extravagance that you crave for. This is an excellent choice for people that prefer showers instead of bathtubs, and you can still have it look a lot better and pleasing to the eye. The white marble design of this remodeling choice will have you stay longer in the shower because you’re enjoying it too much.

Walking on Heated Floors

You can have a design that will let you walk on heated floors whenever you enter. Numerous people hate the feeling of walking on cold tiles, and even though a rug and contour set would be convenient and lavish, nothing beats a luxurious system that heats your floors. This is a nice treat for you and anyone else who uses it. This is the ultimate way of telling people that your bathroom is better than anywhere else.

Heated floors mean comfort and relaxation with every step you take. This design can be embedded in special and durable mats that are placed under your tiles. You can choose between an electric heating system and a hydronic one. You will need a special boiler with zoning valves and pumps to spread the water evening. The system can drain the water after you’re done easily too. It can be a little expensive, but it’s worth it if you want the luxury feeling.

Take a Bath and Enjoy the View

You can design a spot for your bath where you can enjoy the view outside too. This choice depends on your area and what you can see from the view on that side. You can replace your wall with a large and durable silicate, tempered, or laminated glass and place your bathtub right in front of it. Try to get two plant stands that give your freestanding bathtub an elegant touch.

Place it on a circle floor filled with beautiful pebbles. The combination of plants, pebbles, a glass wall, and the view will give you that private oasis feeling as if you’re bathing in a waterfall. Remember to have that spot overlooking the best view around your house, whether it’s green fields, trees, or beautiful hills and gardens.

Say Goodbye to Monochrome Designs

Monochrome designs are overused and won’t give you that lavish feeling and look you want. You need to get brass and copper faucets, showerheads, and pipes too. You can also go for a light blue or pink design for your sink and have it match your bathtub. This is an excellent choice that will fit best with some wooden cabinets and storage space. Combining that with your marble design will make the remodeling project have a great vibe with colors and extravagance.

Renovations and remodeling projects need a lot of planning. You need to be sure that you have all the right steps taken at the correct time to ensure that your project has no mistakes. Remember to get a professional contractor that specializes in bathrooms. You can’t just hire anyone because each room has its forte when it comes to remodeling. There must be good communication between you and your contractor and make sure they understand what you’re looking for. Supervising and commenting during the work is encouraged to ensure that your bathroom comes out luxurious and convenient for your needs.