Organizing space in your room at your house can be the easiest thing to do if you keep in mind these useful things. Imagine you have a room full of your things and you need a small place to setup your sewing machine, where would you want to set it up. Point to an area where you want to set up your sewing machine. The next thing you want to do is organizing the vertical space. You can add shelves in your room which can store most of your things. Be creative, you only need a chair and a desk for the sewing machine but you can also make small things and handles, also the magnetic clips which can free up your space. Add the clothing ribbons on top of the hangers and you can attach scissors on magnetic clips.

Sewing Machine

The main and most important component of your sewing space is a sewing or embroidery machine. However, most of the sewing machine are larger in size and take a lot of space. If you have a limited space at home, you can get a small sewing machine. That will not only take lesser space but also it can help you out in carrying out most of the sewing projects with large machine embroidery designs.

Folding Table and Chair

You may also use folding table and chair which can clear a lot of space. Your space will only be utilized when you are sewing or crafting. Keep the things you want the most for sewing purposes near your table so you can easily access them and there is less chance of you losing them as well.

Sewing Accessories

You can make a temporary cotton wall which can carry your clothing ribbons, strings, scissors and all other accessories you might need for a sewing job. Imagine each extra space is sacred so you have to use it wisely. You can use drawers, cupboards, walls and even closets to store things for the project. Being creative is the very useful thing you need in order to do this job. You can be creative according to your own room situation and size. The best way to deal with clutter is not the sideways but stacking them upwards. Add a fabric shelf just above your working table so you can easily go back and forth around your fabrics.


Smart storage is also the key to do the better job here. Even if you work your way out of solving the problem and you managed to free up the space in your room but you don’t have the storage and removal access of your sewing materials then it can be a mess. Organize your sewing storage materials wisely. Add a bin under the table so all the waste can go there and add small spaces on the closet so you can add up things you want to or you need to add there. Smart work is the key to success in the end. Considering you have done everything mentioned here but you think you still might be missing something then internet is your best solution. Keep yourself up to dated with latest organizing threads, tips and tricks on how to organize, not only the room but organize anything because small steps help in progressing the big goal. Regularly check our website for latest posts and articles about sewing machines which will make your life easier.