What’s not to like about tulips? They come in lots of different colours and designs. They look different each year. By planting tulip bulbs you can give your garden a spring like design. Whether you place them separately or in groups, they will always give you a great show. Are you ready to plant some tulip bulbs? But is this this your first try? In this article you’ll find the information you need to enjoy these wonderful tulips.

What’s the best time to plant tulip bulbs?

When you want to enjoy the spring colours of tulips in early March or April, you need to plant them as early as possible in the fall. However, there is not one specific month when they can be put in the soil. This has lots to do with the climate. In very warm environments you can still plant tulip bulbs in December or even January. It is necessary that the ground has not be exposed to freeze yet. The best time to plant tulip bulbs is for each country different. In cold environments you will need to pant the bulbs as early as September. Make sure you plant them at least 6 weeks before the ground will freeze. The tulips will have enough time to make roots and flourish before the ground gets exposed to dropping temperatures.

How to create the best effect

Plant tulips in an area where they will receive most of the sun during spring. Tulips bulbs will not flourish well when they are not exposed to sunlight. They can’t live on shades alone. For the best effect you can plant them in larger groups. So you’ll enjoy your own tulip garden.

Plant tulips in the early fall. When you have put them in the soil, it’s important to soak the bubs in water for a few hours and plant them facing upwards. Tulips are not only very pretty, they are also one of the easiest to keep. Even when you’re not blessed with gardening skills, you can definitely enjoy the spring like look of your own tulip garden.

How deep should tulips be planted?

Tulip bulbs are extremely ease to plant. You just need to pick the right moment, right spot and right position for your bulbs. You plant them in the fall and they bloom in the spring. It’s as easy as it gets. Plant bulbs should be planted eight inches deep. Measuring from the base of the bulb. This means that you’ll have to dig even deeper to create the right environment for your tulips. Make sure there is enough drainage possible. Remember, the bigger the bulb, the deeper the whole must be. Digging, digging and digging to create your dream garden.

Plant less tulip bulbs

When you’d love a whole tulip garden, you’ll have to plant less tulip bulbs than you might think. Remember, tulip bulbs return year after year and multiply. That’s why your garden will grow bigger each year. Don’t buy too much tulip bulbs and trust the process called naturalizing.