You have likely heard of an Eastern king-sized mattress and a California King mattress, but have you heard of the Wyoming, Texas, and the Alaskan King mattress? These mattresses are not popular, but each has sleeping benefits that will be useful to you. For families who prefer to co-sleep or persons who are looking to have more space on their bed will enjoy the luxuries that these beds have to offer. It’s not strange that these mattresses are named after the US’s biggest states because they offer an additional eight to thirty-two inches in width compared to other standard king size mattresses. An Alaskan King mattress is twenty-four inches longer than the California King.

If you are interested in buying a larger mattress, you can consider buying an Alaskan, Wyoming, or a Texas King Mattress. It is wise to remember that you must have a master bedroom that is larger than normal before buying one of these mattresses. Bigger mattresses are hardly ever found in stores, so that you can check online. Below you will find these mattresses and determine if it will work for you.

Wyoming King Size Mattress

The dimensions for this mattress is 84 x 84 inches. This allows each person approximately 2 inches of sleeping space. Meaning you have an extra 4 inches of sleeping space. The Wyoming King measures the same as the California King. Some persons, however, find that the California King is a little narrow than they would like. A Wyoming King is a few inches wider than the California mattress, so persons sleeping on the bed have more space without being cramped, and there’s extra space for the kid when they come climbing in. The Wyoming King fits in a room with a size 14ft by 16ft. If your bedroom is narrow, a Wyoming King size mattress will not fit. The average cost of this mattress is between $1500 and $3000.

Pros of buying a Wyoming King mattress

  • Being wider and taller, it easily accommodates taller persons.
  • It is ideal for families who co-sleeps.

Cons of a Wyoming King Size mattress

  • They are more expensive than a standard king size mattress.
  • If you do not have a large bedroom, it will not fit.

Texas King Mattress

The measurements for a Texas King mattress is 80 x 90 inches. It is the second-longest oversized mattress made. The Texas King is narrower than a Wyoming King by about 4 inches. It is 4 inches wider than a regular king-size bed and wider that the California mattress by approximately 8 inches. Two adults and a child can sleep comfortably on a Texas King mattress. The Texas King mattress is 18 inches longer than a standard king size mattress and 14 inches longer than a California King, making it efficient for taller persons. The Texas King can fit in a narrower bedroom measuring 14 by 16 ft because of its shape. The price ranges from $2000 to $3500.

Pros of a Texas King Mattress

  • It is perfect for a narrow master bedroom.
  • It can fit 2 adults and a child.

Cons of a Texas King

  • It is narrower than a Wyoming King size mattress
  • You cannot co-sleep with more than two children.

Alaskan King Mattress

This mattress has the greatest size of them all. It measures 108 x 108 inches. If you plan on co-sleeping with more than two children, you will all fit on the bed without feeling cramped. It shapes like a square, but the Alaskan King is 24 inches wider and 10 inches longer than the Texas King comparing to a standard king size bed; the Texas King is much larger. A Texas King bed can comfortably fit someone 7 feet tall. To fit an Alaskan king mattress, you will need to have a 16 by 16 ft room.

Pros of buying an Alaskan Mattress

  • suitable for tall persons
  • It can fit your entire family comfortably

Cons of buying an Alaskan Mattress

  • They are the most expensive mattresses made.
  • They must be used in a bedroom that is larger than a standard size room.