When it’s time for a window replacement, it’s important to properly prepare so that your window installation process is not hindered, which could cost you time and money.

We understand how important a carefully planned out process can be. That’s why we have established four quintessential tips for you to prepare for your window installation accordingly:

Who Will Handle Your Window Installation?

An experienced window installer should be your first choice for any window installation. They bring incredible experience to understand every aspect of your window installation, so they can avoid very costly mistakes.

With the best crew working on your window replacement, here are four things for you to do that will make the process as smooth as possible.

Interior Preparations

All areas around your windows should be clear of anything that might get in the way and comfortable so that your window installer can do the work. Here is what you can do to prepare:

  • Move all furniture that sits only a few feet from the window being replaced.
  • Remove your window coverings, whether they are blinds or curtains.
  • Remove valuable items that could be damaged or broken due to accidental contact.
  • Remove all potted plants near your windows.
  • Cover your floors for protection.

Exterior Preparations

Clear the exterior area around your windows. A window installation requires the installers to work inside and outside of your home. So ensure there is ample space to work on the outside.


Make your home as accessible as possible. If you will not be available on the day of your window installation, ensure the installers have full access to your home.

Security System

If you have a home alarm, the window sensors hidden inside the frames of your windows must be removed before your old window removal begins. If they can be reused, set the sensors aside so they can be reinstalled on your new windows. You can always order new sensors ahead of your window replacement.