With the weather turning and the clocks going back, it is important that people know how to keep their home warm and there are many ways to do this without constantly having the heating on. It is important to know the best ways to keep your home warm without the central heating because this will help you to save money as well as help you to be more eco-friendly. Read on to find out a few of the best ways to do this.


One of the most effective ways to keep your home warm during the winter months is with insulation. Around 35% of heat is lost through walls of uninsulated homes while having loft insulation could help a homeowner to save as much as £220 each year on their energy bills. Insulation will greatly lessen your need to keep the central heating on and allow you to stay warm throughout the winter months.

Finding & Excluding Draughts

Draughts in the home can be incredibly frustrating as they are very small but can cause you to lose a lot of warmth while letting the cold air in which results in people relying on their central heating. This is why you need to find and exclude droughts and there are many ways to do this which should help you to reduce your energy bill and keep the home warm.

Thick Curtains

It is amazing the difference that thick curtains can make when it comes to heat retention. The windows can let a lot of cold air through if they are not double glazed but thick curtains will act as a barrier while helping to keep the warm air in.

Use Layers

Another simple yet effective approach is simply to dress warmer around the house. Wearing multiple layers, warm hoodies and slippers can make a big difference and reduce your need to put the central heating on.

User Boiler Efficiently

These are all great ways to keep the home warm but it is inevitable that you will need to use the central heating at times and to get the home warm in the first place. The key is to put the boiler on a timer so that the heating is only on when you need it. Additionally, you need to make sure that you have boiler cover in place that will include an annual service so that you can rest assured knowing that your boiler will not let you down during the winter months.

This post should help you to keep your home warm and comfortable throughout the winter months without relying too much on your central heating – this should help you to save money as well as make sure that you are being environmentally-friendly.