Tropical design has definitely made a comeback when it comes to Australian interiors and outdoors living trends. As the weather warms up, it’s time to start thinking about how you can inject this trend into your home and garden. It only takes a few changes to create this. Invest in some natural looking outdoor chairs, greenery and fun accessories. Here we break down our top tips to achieve this look.

Tip One: Invest in Natural looking outdoor chairs

To recreate the tropical trend, invest in natural outdoor furniture for your patio. It’s a good idea to work out which topical/resort trend speaks to you. Embrace furniture made from wood and other materials with warm, rich tones. Don’t be afraid to mix and match your furniture with different natural materials to create an authentic tropical look. Explore different aspects of this theme by adding jungle baskets or a wooden bar cart for some fun resort vibes. When deciding on your outdoor furniture make sure each piece can sustain all kinds of weather conditions.

Tip Two: Tropical Colours

Green is the key colour in this trend. However that doesn’t mean going out and buying all your accessories in bright green. Look for a range of muted greens and deeper rich emerald tones.

Don’t be afraid to mix in more shades. Other colours that are on trend and enhance this key colour include soft pinks and oranges. Bring this palette together through outdoor rugs and cushions. If you have an area in your outdoor living space that is protected from the weather, look at hanging some tropical artwork. Think leafy palms, bright birds of paradise and landscapes! This will evoke stylish resort vibes all day long.

Tip Three: Frangipani Style

When searching for the ultimate tropical flower you can’t go past the Frangipani that features incredible colours that will go back with your key colour palette. You also can’t beat the natural fragrance that smells like a holiday perfume. This flower is distinctly tropical in appearance with vibrant shades of yellows, pinks and oranges. Frangipanis are ideal to add some colour and texture to your garden walls, providing shade in the warmer months while still allowing some sun to shine through. If you don’t have any outdoor walls available and have limited space, these tropical florals can be pots and planters too.

Tip Four: Tropical Trees

Add a selection of palms and bamboo to achieve a tropical look and feel in your garden. They also benefit your garden by providing privacy from your neighbours. Complement your garden of bamboo and palms with Hawaiian hibiscus, Vireya rhododendrons and Crab claws for a truly authentic look.

Tip Five: Water Features

Nothing makes you feel like you are on a relaxing holiday in the tropics than the sound of water.

In the warmer months outdoor entertaining often takes centre stage in tropical landscapes as people like to make the most of their beautiful surroundings and the balmy, warm climate. Because of this, the idea of the outdoor living space was born. Water features or small ponds are great features to bring the tropics to your garden. Water features provide an opportunity to plant flowering aquatic plant varieties such as water lilies and lotus flowers.

Tip Six: Smells like Paradise

Your space now looks like a topical paradise, now all you need to do is add final touches that engage your other senses. Fill the air with fragrant aromas of coconut or frangipani scented candles. Not only will the aromas fill the space, but they will create ambient lighting and transform your outdoor living space to a place of relaxation and tranquility. Look at purchasing candles with wooden wicks in coconut holders to complete the look.