Planning a new design for your bedroom can be exciting. You have so many ideas based on your preference and home aesthetics. You may want a shower and bath combo for the bathroom renovation. This is a great idea that many people adopt today. If you choose this for your bathroom renovation, you need to have an idea of what this involves. 

This article discusses tips on how to remodel your bathroom as well as how to make plans for the project. You will also discover how to choose the right contractor for the job. You may also want to check out this tub shower combo review to get ideas for your remodeling project. 

Tips for Remodeling a Bathroom into a Shower and Bath Combo

Below are some tips for your bathroom remodeling project:

1. Draft Out a Plan

Before hiring a bathroom designer, get the opinions of those living with you. What color of finishes will be used and how much are you willing to set aside for this project? Planning this way will help to keep the remodeling project in check. 

Once the renovation starts based on your plan, it would be hard to change it without affecting the success of the project. So if you’re finding it difficult to draft out a redesigning plan, talk to a professional designer.

2. Know What You Want

In this case, you want a tub shower combo. You still need to keep in mind your present bathroom. Would it be destroyed or are you keeping some parts to combine with the new one? Asking questions like this will help you know what you want. 

You may also wonder if you want the shower installed in the bathtub or want them to be separate from each other but remain in the same space. Your preference, bathroom space, and other factors can affect this decision.

3. Consider the Available Space

A great remodeling idea is good but if you do not have enough space to execute it, it becomes useless. Therefore, you need to know how big or small the space is and have a realistic expectation of what you can achieve with it.

If you have a small space, having the shower in the bath will help in managing space. But if you have a larger space, you can choose to either separate them or have them together.

4. Have a Budget

Be realistic in your budget creation. Write down what you plan to spend but remember that anything can happen. At times, an unexpected situation can occur during renovation; always add a miscellaneous amount to the budget. You can check online for the price ranges of the different designs before taking any decision.

5. Buy Quality Materials

You need to be sure that the materials you buy are good standards and fit your project. Your shower tub combo renovation materials include:

  • Bathtubs
  • Showerhead
  • Cabinets
  • Sync
  • Tile flooring
  • Lightning
  • Waterproofed material

Consult an expert in bathroom redesigning before buying any of these materials. In some cases, the contractor you hire may purchase them for your project, but you will pay them to do so. When considering quality, price should not matter. Instead, durability is what is most important.

The tiles can be  porcelain, stone, or ceramic. These materials are aesthetically pleasing and waterproof and will make a great buy for bathroom flooring. If you want durability, you may consider baseboard tiles. They are elegant, waterproof, and last long.

Some stylish flooring can become brittle and break easily. Thus, when selecting flooring, do not consider the appearance or how it blends with the colors of your interior. Rather, choose one that functions properly and can withstand pressure and moisture damage. 

You can choose to install luxurious lighting in the bathroom for additional effect. You can also place LED lights on the wall or near the mirror. This will give your bathroom an elegant and vanity appearance.

6. Be Creative

Add certain things to spice up your renovation project. You can use glass doors or curtains for the tub shower combo. You can also add pedestal sinks in place of cabinets. Placing a big mirror near the sink with the cabinets will make your bathroom look bigger and more elegant.

7. Consider Bathroom Ventilation

Excellent airflow in the bathroom will make it last for many years. When the space is not well-ventilated, it may lead to some problems like mildew and mold growth. This will ruin the renovated areas like the wall, floor, and cabinetry. 

To improve ventilation, install windows by the sides of the room. You can also get a fan to supply quality indoor air 24/7. You can leave the door open when not in use. For glass panels, they have little space by the side that allows air to flow into the bath. A well-aerated bath will remain neat, smell fresh, and last long.

8. Redesign for the Future

If you are planning on leasing or selling your home soon, a renovated bathroom will increase your property’s value. Even if you’re not planning on doing that, redesigning makes you do something you love; that fits your preferences and style.

Because you want the value to last, ensure you hire a reputable contractor that will offer quality redesigning advice. Draft out a budget, create a plan, and make sure you stick to it.

How to Choose a Reputable Contractor for Your Project

Here is how to choose a contractor to manage your project:

1. Research Extensively

Use referrals from friends, family, and neighbors. You can also search online for designers in your location. Research extensively about the company you choose. Ensure that they have positive remarks and testimonials from their past clients.

2. Hire a Licensed and Insured Professional

By hiring a licensed professional, it would be easy to get the necessary work permit on time. You can ask for the contractor’s license number to confirm their credibility online. You need to ensure you do not hire someone that lost his or her license due to poor practices. 

Since the renovation project comes with risks, hire only insured contractors. In case of accidents or property damage, you won’t have to bear the costs.

3. Do Not Stop at One, Ask More Than Two

When making research, make sure you choose more than three contractors. Ask them to send their estimates. Do not immediately hire the cheapest option; try to consider their reputation and quality of services that they render. You can confirm this from their past clients before making any decision. You may want to read this article to get more information about how to choose a pro contractor.


Re-designing your bathroom can be fun and exciting if all the necessary plans are put in place before starting the project. Hence, consider the tips highlighted above as you start your renovation plans.